We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Brandon Roach | Guitarist, Song-Writer, Downhill Skateboarder, and Content Creator.

What makes me the most happy, is the simple prospect of being alive still and waking up everyday knowing I have a new opportunity to get closer to. Throughout all of my near death experiences the one lesson that’s been projected into my life, is to always be grateful no matter the circumstances; some of the most profoundly negative events in my life have given me the most beautiful outcomes in the end. Read more>>

Shannon Harrington | Sewing Blogger and Content Creator

My family brings me a tremendous amount of happiness. I have always felt a desire to be a mother, and despite the many challenges that come with parenting, I am grateful every day for the moments I get to share with them. The noise, the laughs, the tears, the everything…it truly does bring me joy and I am the happiest when I am with them. Read more>>

Aisha Maness | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Creating makes me happy. God is the ultimate creator and I consider it a privilege when I get “downloads”. A download to me is a random desire to create, Creating new music with my husband, finding a new technique while shooting or getting a spark or feeling to create or even starting a new business. Creating and being creative is one of the greatest gifts we can receive and seeing the vision or project through gives me get great joy! Read more>>