Do you have a budget? We’ve been surprised by how much variance there is among the city’s most successful entrepreneurs and artists and creatives. Some budget, some don’t. Some track every penny, others are less rigorous. We’ve shared some thoughtful responses from the community below.

Brandon Keller | Owner of Pono Media, LLC

I do have a budget, and it’s relatively small. I base my spending decisions on income, so it can fluctuate from year to year and month to month. I consider professional income to be of greater importance than personal income. I keep every penny I can afford within the company account – I’m much more willing to live on a minimal budget than I am to neglect our ability to provide quality services to our clients. I try to balance business spending between necessity and return on investment. There are certain personal and professional expenses that are non-negotiable; beyond these, I begin to ask myself: What resources does the business need to grow? What purchases or spending opportunities offer the most favorable outcomes? Which opportunities offer the widest range of positive results? Read more>>

Keith Glines | Experience Architect

I have a budget as far as I know what it takes for me to survive, Personal finances for me are about staying lean. I love to travel and explore but not at the expense of my financial freedom. I look at everything that I do and try not to leverage finances personally to make it happen. Read more>>

Caroline Kabel-Kotler | Board Certified Child and Adolescent Pediatrician, Behavioral Specialist, and Educational Advocate

I’ve been a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Pediatrician, always with a focus in behavioral medicine, for 25 yrs. An early goal of mine, before having graduated from medical school, was to own my own medical practice. I achieved that goal with my doctor partner when we became co-owners of a busy, suburban pediatric practice in southern New Jersey. My family and I moved to Colorado four years ago for a life style change. I again quickly settled into the role of Behavioral Specialist in a rather large, pediatric practice in Castle Rock, Colorado .After several years working in this position I began to envision opening up my own, private pediatric and adolescent behavioral practice. Read more>>