Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Olivia and Bryan McCracken | Wedding and Elopement Photographers

The most important factor behind our success is that it never was about the brand. We’re relationship driven people. It has always been about the relationships. As a child sitting on the kitchen floor with sunshine streaming through the windows, I (Olivia) pull out piles of old family photos. I would sit there on the floor for hours. Lost in in the nostalgia and the moments frozen in those photos. Those kitchen floor photos are part of my family’s legacy. Read more>>

Jerry Gallegos | General Manager at Core Progression Elite Personal Training

One of the most important factors behind my success thus far has been the ability to persevere. No situation has been perfect, but I believe the unwanted circumstances, situations, and failures have developed me into the individual that I am today. Once I started viewing these as areas of opportunity, it has completely changed my day to day approach. It is also something that has helped our company at Core Progression Elite Personal Training. We have been learning from prior mistakes which has allowed us to keep pushing forward. Read more>>

Frannie Priley | Floral designer & Owner

Building and maintaining strong relationships! From my clients to the local flower growers, my wholesale reps, fellow vendors and florist friends– those relationships make my business go round. Most of my business is attributed to word of mouth and that comes from all the wonderful planners and clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Clients have to put a lot of trust into the vendors they hire and making sure from start to finish my clients know they’re in good hands is a top priority for me. Read more>>

Brandy Unruh | Realtor/Home Expert

I think for me it is all about character building. Success looks like different things to different people. For me and what I try to teach my daughter, it is all about doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Even when it isn’t easy. So for me success means being able to be proud of what you have done and how you have helped people even when it doesn’t always mean a sale. There are countless people I have helped to “not sell” their home, which means the world when someone who wants to stay gets to. Read more>>

Jardel Lucas | Illustrator and Caricaturist

Certainly my differential and main reason for success in my work is being able to make dreams come true, taking a person’s idea from paper to reality, being able to transport the client’s mind to the tip of the pencil. This makes each job special and unique. It is very important to pay attention and care in each work, and by doing a well-done illustration, you will be able to see in that client’s eye the pride of seeing the finished work. Read more>>

Lisa Downs | Professional WIldlife Photographer

The most important factor behind my success as a photographer is hard work. I love to capture wildlife, especially in the Spring when all the babies are arriving. In order to view most wildlife, you have to get up before the sun rises. This is true of landscape photography also. Weather is always a factor and I have waited for hours in a wide variety of weather to capture that perfect moment between a mother fox and her kits. Animals also tend to make themselves more visible later in the day, so the days can be long and the wait can be long. It is almost always worth the wait! Read more>>

Tim Nevadomski | Owner, Rupert’s at the Edge. A breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant in Edgewater, CO

The success of our brand starts with the people that work there and the culture we created as a group. Since my wife, Susan Olsen, and I bought the restaurant eight years ago we have tried to hire a crew of diverse and friendly people. Our crew has varied ages, sexual orientation, and race. We also have staff members who would not be considered neurotypical .We want the staff to enjoy working at Rupert’s and enjoy working with each other. Read more>>

Nicolr Labonte | Artist inspired by Natute

I believe that everything is connected and I try to show that in each piece I create. Weather it is a drawing that I turn into a sticker, painting or a piece of pottery. Everything has a thread that connects one thing to the next. Focusing on this connection has brought me so much joy and peace! Nature is us and we are Nature. Mother Nature is our home where we can be safe and held and remember our power. Read more>>

Cindy Campbell | Psychotherapist

It All Started With The Lunch Lady By Cindy Campbell MA LPC Basically, synchronicity and spirituality have been my guiding forces. These two things go hand in hand for me. A re-occurring theme through-out my life and work journey …. The universe nudging me, trying to tell me something, pushing me toward a realization of my gifts…telling me I am of value and can make a difference. When I am able follow the flow of synchronicity magic happens. Read more>>

Erin Jones | Tarot Reader

Being a Tarot Reader has a deep and innate connection to trusting my intuition. This does not stop with the offerings and insights I provide to clients, it encompasses the whole of my success as a reader. The most important factor behind my success is self trust. My gifts and offerings have unfurled in a non-linear way. I have resisted the urge to hustle and grind, and have leaned deeply into blossoming at the pace found in nature. Read more>>

Chaela Gerber | REALTOR ® & Mortgage Broker

I believe the most important factor behind my success is balance. I have found that nothing brings me more joy than living a very balanced life between my business and my family. Raising three little boys while building up a business to support them has taught me to set and respect boundaries of my time and theirs and that of my clients. And who doesn’t work better when they’re full of joy and can fully embrace the moment they’re in? Read more>>