We had the good fortune of connecting with Joyce Jarrell and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Joyce, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how?
In 2009 I began hearing a voice in my head, which led to my ability to channel. A group of Ascended Masters who call themselves The Protectors of the Light began speaking through me. Besides trance channeling for groups and individuals, I love teaching others to channel. Voices of the Masters is a teaching module that allows a complete novice to channel the Divine. Anyone can channel; all that’s required is the desire and intention to do so. It’s a passion of mine to make trance channeling a mainstream, accepted method of tapping into the wisdom that is available to anyone and everyone.


My metaphysical journey coincided with my personal trauma. I racked up hundreds of trapped emotions and limiting beliefs during this time. This led to me completely blocking my memories of childhood incest until the age of 34. I found I numbed my pain with food, having learned the compulsive pattern from my alcoholic father. This led to an intense journey of healing the trauma from my past. I spent years in traditional talk therapy while at the same time seeking out less traditional means.


In late 2019, one of my channeling students contacted me and asked if she could do a clearing on me to count towards her certification for a class she was taking called The Emotion Code™. She explained that it was good for clearing pain, phobias, and all sorts of maladies, both physical and emotional. Having no physical ailments to speak of, I told her my only concern was carrying extra weight on my body. She promised to work on this concern and get back to me.

The idea behind The Emotion Code™ is that when we go through disturbing or traumatic events and don’t express the emotions that are occurring at the time, they are stored in the body as balls of energy, where they play havoc until they are recognized and cleared out. Within a few days, my friend called me with the results of her clearing work on me. Within a day, my appetite had changed dramatically, with a clear signal when I was full, and the inability to eat another bite.

Within a month or less, I had dropped 22 pounds, and my relationship with food had changed dramatically. Shortly thereafter, I became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Great results were evident in clients and friends who I practiced on to gain my certification.


That’s when I became aware of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s newest modality, called The Body Code™. At first glance, I called The Body Code™ – “The Emotion Code on Steroids” – as it goes much farther in depth in dealing with our emotions and various coping mechanisms. I fully expect it to change the face of healing for anyone and everyone!

For a couple of decades, I’ve been aware that weight loss really is not about the food and have refused to be pulled in by yet another diet. It seemed there was a missing link. I knew it related to my emotions, but I couldn’t find the missing piece. The Emotion Code(tm) brought the answer by allowing me to communicate with my subconscious mind and clear lifelong issues easily and painlessly.


With my certification in The Body Code™, it’s my passion to share with others that dieting is not the way. The current diet and perfection culture has left many victims in its wake. In my opinion, the only thing this culture accomplishes is to make authors and others rich and the reader feel even more hopeless and broken. Decades of attempts to attain the glossy magazine shape has only convinced me that It’s not about the food. Instead, it’s about emotional pain.


My primary goal is to identify early trauma and trapped emotions, release them, thereby removing the causes of overeating, allowing each individual to naturally and comfortably reach a more appropriate weight. It is my desire to change stereotypes around body type, body size and causes of overweight. I want this freedom and joy for every woman who has ever looked at a magazine spread and felt grotesque and hopeless because she cannot measure up, and every attempt causes her to feel more self-loathing and hopelessness. When you clear away the past pain, you become free from your past and Radical Authenticity awaits you!


While the Body Code(TM) is a no-brainer for helping with the symptoms of many types of illness, I recently had a client who seemed to have it all—career success, physical health, a beautiful home, a new car and  financial comfort.  What came up in her session were several Despair Anchors (a negative statement that is perceived as the truth by the subconscious mind) that were getting in the way of her finding a satisfying love relationship. It occurred to me that there are so many people who are successful in the majority of their life areas, but having failed at love early on, they tucked that part of their lives away in a closet to avoid looking at it and no longer viewed it as a need. With this client, we were able to clear several Despair Anchors and replace them with a positive statement about her love life.  It’s never too late to invite that sweetness into your life by altering negative beliefs!

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
My business, Radical Authenticity, grew out of my lifelong quest to find answers to my own issues. It was not a straight road, and it was anything but simple.


The first part, my ability to channel and teach others, was the easy part. It simply happened one day in the office. I was a legal assistant for an oil and gas company. As I walked through the office one day in 2009, I began hearing a voice in my head. It started having a conversation with me, and I recognized that something significant was happening so I rushed back to my office and began recording every word. I soon learned that the voice I was hearing was the Higher Self of a man in my life, and it was giving me valuable information about the relationship.

From there, I began communicating with angels in much the same way. I was able to type questions to them, and the detailed responses flowed through my fingers onto the computer screen. It wasn’t long after that that I was able to allow angels and archangels to use my body and vocal cords to speak through me.


The other part of my awakening was much less direct. As I mentioned, a friend offered to do an Emotion Code(tm) session for me as part of her certification to see what she could discover about my inability to lose weight and keep it off. Up to this point, I had tried all the usual routes for literally decades, only to conclude that diets don’t work. I knew there was a pivotal connection to my emotions, but I hadn’t been able to “crack the code.”

My exposure to the Emotion Code(tm) led me to seek certification in the Body Code(tm). The Body Code(tm) actually contains the Emotion Code within it, and it has been greatly expanded, so much so that I refer to the Body Code(tm) as the Emotion Code(tm) on steroids.

The Body Code is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system, intended to help uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit. It’s a systematic method to identify imbalance by connecting with the subconscious mind of the subject and to energetically clear the imbalance. Obviously, its uses go far beyond just weight loss.

This whole experience has caused me to conclude that ît’s not about the food, and I want to share that message with the world.

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