Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Lauren Weiss | Top Producing Real Estate Broker

I consider myself a steward of my clients’ biggest assets: their homes. It is my job to help you obtain and leverage the financial security of your personal real estate. I run a data-based marketing business, am a top negotiator in my field, and I can guarantee my clients that no matter which side of the transaction we are on, there will not be a dollar left on the table that should have gone to them. But a home is so much more than that. It is the place where you return to your family each night. It is the table you gather around for holiday meals. It is board games and barbeques, new babies, college graduations, swings in the backyard, or the perfect pot of daffodils. I do whatever it takes to provide my clients with their version of happiness, while helping them to increase their personal wealth. In this way, I have been able to help my community in small ways: one family at a time. Read more>>

Lindsey McMorran | Philanthropist & Realtor

I wanted to create a business that would merge my real estate experience and my passion to give back into one. I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and ran my own nonprofit for almost 6. I knew that I could find a way to make both an impact and a living. That is how the Hope Homes Group was formed. Hope Homes Group connects buyers and sellers to top producing realtors nationwide and donates 25% of our HHG commissions to 501c3 organizations. Read more>>

Cynthia Del’Aria | CEO & Co-Founder, Raika Technologies and Precursa

Entrepreneurs are the source of innovation in communities; they are the lifeblood of the economy; and they move us forward as a society and as a global community. Our mission at Raika Technologies, and with our new platform designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs Precursa, is to completely reverse today’s accepted statistic that 9 of 10 VC-backed companies are expected to fail, turning that on its head and making it normal and possibly for the majority of companies to be successful by instating a process for determining viability of ideas early and often. When you remove investment in ideas that don’t have a real shot at viability, more ideas across more social spectrums get a better shot at funding and the resources they need to be successful, which in fact raises all boats. Read more>>

Kelly Mc Coy | Creator and CEO

Spirit and Flow came to fruition out of my love for the creative outlet of crochet. It’s one of my practices for finding joy, calm, and peace in the world. You’ve probably heard of flow — it’s the state you get in when you’re completely absorbed in something. Have you ever been working on a project and completely lost all sense of self and time? That’s flow. It reduces anxiety, boosts your mood, and even slows your heart rate.5% of my proceeds are donated to non-profits that provide access and support equitable and inclusive mental health and wellness. At a time in my life when I needed counseling, it was difficult to find mental health services that were culturally relevant. Read more>>

Matt Aponte | Personal Empowerment Coach & NLP Practitioner

As a Personal Empowerment Coach and NLP Practitioner for Entrepreneurs & Professionals, I help by providing them with the tools they need to truly unlock their full potential and live a limitless life! I do this by helping them to create their perfect vision of life across all core areas (Health, Wealth/Success, Love/Relationships & Spirituality) and then provide them with the simple yet very powerful daily tools that allow them to reprogram their “success compass” so that it automatically points them in the direction they need to go to attain the dream life they have envisioned.  help people to achieve total transformation at a subconscious autonomous level so that they no longer experience self sabotage and their whole complete self (body, mind & spirit) perfectly align in the direction they want it to. In this way, success becomes automatic, almost without even thinking. This allows people of all ages and walks of life to realize complete control over their own lives and point themselves in the direction of their conscious choosing. Living a life filled with happiness and total confidence. Read more>>

Ali Aston | Co-Founder (Also include Emmy Hancock, Co-Founder)

Oluna’s mission to end period poverty is approachable, transparent, and measured. We shine a light on the UN-deemed ‘public health crisis’ happening in our own backyards. Period poverty is a solvable issue, but no one talks about it. Why? Most people do not even know this issue exists or they are unaware of how prevalent it is in the US. Oluna’s primary goal is simply to get people talking. We realize people have different comfort levels talking about periods, so our brand creates a fun and playful space where everyone feels comfortable joining in the conversation. With period poverty, one person can make a difference. Oluna uses its platform to inform the consumer on how to create ground up impact within their communities. Whether that be writing to local rep fighting to eliminate the sales tax on femcare items or asking an employer to include free menstrual products in the bathroom, Oluna arms the consumer with the info and data they need to join the fight for menstrual equality. Read more>>

Laurie Dameron | Musician/Composer/Entertainer

I think most of us don’t realize how much music affects us. It’s kind of an unconscious response that we take for granted. The vibrations can affect our bodies and brains and even our chemistry and hormones. A song can trigger a memory in our brains shifting our thoughts and lyrics can affect our emotions. Some folks have music playing at a low level at their workplace helping the time go by. How many times have you been driving and a favorite songs comes on and you start tapping and moving and singing along and suddenly your mood shifts and you forget about what you were just worrying about? You can make playlists with rhythms that match your workout at the gym making it all the more fun. And even listening to sad songs, after a breakup, for example, and you cry and allow yourself to grieve, and then you feel a little better. Read more>>

Leander Lacy | Senior Social Scientist and Podcast Host

At Lacy Consulting Services, we are committed to helping environmental organizations and sustainability-minded businesses meet their goal of improving human wellbeing through environmental action. We have done this through a variety of projects across the world. In the United States, we are evaluating historic discrimination of Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino farmers and ranchers to help a large, white-led environmental organization achieve their goal of becoming actively anti-racists in the agricultural field. In The Bahamas, I am helping an organization evaluate the level of trust between fishers, law enforcement, and conservation groups. We are using that information to create strategies to help our collaborating build and sustain trusting relationships. Globally we have interviewed organizations to determine how they are including justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) approaches into their programming. Read more>>