We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

louis ferracane | Graphic Designer

I am the proud parent of two fantastic young men. I think the most valuable lesson I’ve taught them is that not everything is throw away. As a child myself I often made things from things I found or had access into the things I wanted or needed. About 10 years ago we bought some ranch property. The old place was rundown and had been neglected, we literally spent the first few years there picking up trash and sorting through what was useful and was not. Read more>>

Amanda Atkinson | Owner Breath.Dance LLC- Breath and Movement for Wholeness- Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, Sound Healing and more!

In short, Living Authentically. Allow me to elaborate. I find this to be emphasized in business, especially in entrepreneurship as in self grown business there is such open opportunity to reinvent self and play many roles such as owner, facilitator, manager, accountant, marketing guru, designer, confidante, and so many more. Sometimes it is hard to identify Self through the lense of these many rolls and even harder to find balance in the juggling of multiple hats at once. In order to find that balance it is necessary to be as authentic and as fluid as possible. Read more>>

Anamarie Anderson | Small Business Owner & Full Time Mom

As a new parent, one of the most impactful things I think I have done for my child is being present. Often being present is seen as being available at a drop of a hat for your child at any given moment. However, for me at least, I am less attentive if I am always focused on my child. By finding ways to rest, I am able to be in the moment with my son during our times together throughout the day. Creating and making is one of many ways to rest, and has been one of my favorite ways to rest. My son notices a big difference in me when I have had rest and we both know I am more intentional and attentive to him when I give of myself to him from that rest. My alertness to my son might not always be perfect but by being deliberate in my attentiveness, I hope he will know how loved and secure he is at home. Read more>>

Frank Scuderi | TV Personality, YouTuber, & Equipment/Warehouse Manager

Lead by example, is what I like to say. They seen me get knocked down by life and they saw me get right back up. They seen me and continue to see me go after what i want in life. Never giving up. So I would say The most important thing i have done that impacts my children life is…… To go after what you want, no matter what people say or do. To say focused on your goals while getting knocked around by life. If you want something bad enough and you are willing to put the hard work in. Enduring all the storms and stay focused you will reach your goals. I made it on a TV show twice (Worst Cooks In America), starting my YouTube Channel working hard to get it noticed (Cooking With Frankie Meatball), & Now my newest adventure that I’m in the beginning stages of setting up my own Catering Business. While still being there to raise them. Read more>>