We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Sojourner White | Traveling Remote Social Worker & Digital Storyteller

I’m not a parent haha BUT I think, from a child’s perspective, the most important thing they’ve done was encourage me to stay curious and understand that the world is out there to be seen and explored. Read more>>

Melissa Bauknight | Feminine Leadership & Business Coach

The other day I heard my 5-year-old son helping his best friend when he was afraid. He said, “put your hand on your heart and tell yourself that you believe in yourself. Say I believe in myself and I can do this”. Two days later he said to me, “mom, it’s ok to face your fears and show yourself that you are brave.” Read more>>

David Bradley | Artist Blacksmith

First I want to highlight that we had our son Joseph when we were both only 19 years old. My wife Valerie and I were starting college back in Mississippi at the time. In order to provide for us, I joined the military and we started our new life. We moved around quite a bit and dealt with deployments and other difficulties. During most of this time it’s just been our small family of three. I think this journey brought us all closer as a family which has contributed quite a bit to how Joe’s life has been shaped. I think it’s really helped us know and understand his personality and know the things that he enjoys. Read more>>

Jennie Bell | Artist

Shoutout Colorado article Thank you, Nick for inviting me to this interview. I was recommended by my daughter, Karen McPhail-Bell, PhD, whose inspiring interview was recently published. So, I felt it fitting that my first question be about my parenting, and what I think is the most important thing I think I’ve done in terms of impact on my children. Read more>>