The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Milan Norling | Model, Creative, Content Creator

When you escape the regiment of a 40 hour work week, you commit to a journey of discovering your own optimal work-life balance. My entire life, I have tended to live outside the bounds of a regular schedule. After I graduated college, I was offered a position that I thought was my dream-job. I dove straight into a 9-5 marketing job and found after one year that I was not happy at all. I took time to truly assess how this career path would affect my mental health and overall happiness and chose to make the leap. Read more>>

Shay Shipman | Photographer + Educator

Work life balance has been one of the hardest and longest lessons of my entire career. When I first started I wanted to hurry up and be successful so bad that I was pushing myself and working 24/7. And while that’s understandable and it did get me to where I am now, it made it extremely hard to go back and set boundaries once I was already booked out. Read more>>

Bodi Burns | Impact Coach

I am originally from Bulgaria, and I moved to Denver 17 years ago. In Europe we work to live and in the USA my experience has been that people live to work. I have noticed a culture of exhaustion recognition, it`s almost a status symbol to be consumed by work. It helps when you love what you do, like I do. Yet, work takes a lot of your time, impacts your personality and overall uses most of your energy. I have been surrounded by people who spend so many of their waking hours at work, trying to do the best job that they can, trying to show their skills, trying to make an impact. Read more>>