The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Ryan Guillaume | Artist

I’m torn on this topic, because on one hand I really wish I could go back and talk to my younger self, but I also know that the hardships I’ve endured have made me the artist I am today. Balance is something I’ve always struggle with, especially when it comes to creating. I’m like a dog chasing a ball. I’ve gotten better with other aspects of my life, but not art.Read more>>

Gabrielle Mann | Co-Owner of Golden Game Guild

As a couple who have just started our very own small business for the first time, boy oh boy have our lives changed. It has been a wild ride. I always thought we led busy lives before. Ryun and I moved here from Manhattan about a year ago and always thought of ourselves as people constantly on the go. We thought moving to Golden to pursue our dream of opening our own board game store would be a fantastic opportunity, and perhaps a change of pace.Read more>>

Whitney Taylor | Women’s Endurance & Nutrition Coach

This is such a good question, in my profession, the word balanced gets thrown around like confetti. ” You just need to find a balance between sleep and work, french fries and salads, working out, and rest and you will see transformation.”It’s like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, you hear about it, you like the idea, but is it even real?Read more>>

Mariah Sage | Family & Parenting Coach

To me, a better work/life balance is one of the biggest draws and the biggest learning curves of entrepreneurship. When I first quit my day job, I struggled a lot with this – feeling the pressure that how much I succeeded or generated was a direct result of how much work I put in. But I realized pretty quickly this wasn’t serving me.Read more>>

Tiffany Creech | Raw Fitness Denver Owner and Operator

As a business owner, nutrition coach, mother, and wife life can get hectic sometimes. I’m far from perfectly balancing it all everyday but I do my best. I have had many conversations with my family about the need for me to focus on growing the gym community. They understand that in these beginning phases of getting our name out there I am required to put in a lot of work. I make sure I take advantage of days I can work from home.Read more>>

Angela Bruno | Nonprofit Executive Director/Community Advocate

Balance has played such a significant role in my professional and personal evolution, that I think about balance on a daily basis. When I first started in this role, it was so important for me to do a good job, that everything but work took a back seat in my life. 12-14 hour days, were no problem. Missing important family and friend events for work functions, not utilizing vacation time, working on my days off….I thought that success would come if I gave 200% of myself every single day, and it did! But eventually, I had nothing going on in my life, except for work, and while my business was thriving, my personal life was a mess. Read more>>

Griffin Hill | Pure Barre Owner & Entrepreneur

This concept has always been tricky for me because I’m someone who likes to run 1000 miles/minute. From the time I was a kid, I filled my schedule to the brim and loved being busy, even on days that didn’t involve traditional work. Over time, I think I’ve come face-to-face with both burnout and limitations, which caused me to change my rhythms and adapt accordingly. As an adult, when it came time to open my second Pure Barre studio, I had a frank discussion with my staff and let them know that I wouldn’t be able to be a constant team player in the future; I’d need to be the boss, and that would change the way I was involved in the day to day events of the studios.Read more>>

Brad Brown | Family Physician, owner Strive Direct Health

I really despise the idea of “work-life balance.” It inherently implies that we must sacrifice one thing to have another. Why do I have to give up family time for a social life? Why would I sacrifice working toward my dreams just to be able to work out? Why is it that society mandates we work to the bone and not be able to do anything else? It makes zero sense.Read more>>

Anna Kluver-Fensler | Holistic Wellness Coach

Before I became a mom, I used to think that balance was about getting in enough heart pounding exercise, eating a “balanced” diet and finding time for all of my social obligations. Now that I have two kids, a husband and my own business I realize that balance is so much more than that. Balance is about doing meaningful, heart centered work. Read more>>