We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Cheyenne Draves Kristina Miller | Co Owners of Dandy Lashes

The most important factor behind our success as a business is that we have a clear vision of our brand. Dandy Lashes is run by two women passionate about entrepreneurship and inspiring others. The most beautiful thing about being a woman is being able to look glam while doing what sets their soul on fire. Read more>>

Jordan Hansen | Executive Producer, Triarch Creative

Two things: Empathy and Integrity. I deeply aim to understand my clients needs and concerns. And I show up, every time. The mixture of those two things equals a shared goal of being an advocate for my clients. I feel my job as a director/creative director is really a very different thing: A translator of their message, and a guide to help them navigate a complicated creative world. Read more>>

Daniel Warren | Abq Whiskey Society Founder

When I first started the Albuquerque Whiskey Society in 2018 I never intended on this being a business. It started as a small group of friends getting together and learning about whiskey. We had 12 people at our first meeting. When Covid hit our followers on Social Media started growing. And that’s when I knew I had a business. Read more>>

Jonny Feld | CEO of Field Van

The most important factor behind the success of the Field Van brand is the belief in our product. The passion we have for our van builds and the importance we place on quality is reflected in our brand image. When you believe in the product and the team behind the product it makes it easy to convey an image of a strong brand. Read more>>

Kai Suematsu | Founder

The most important factor behind my success and the success of Kobu as a whole has been its support system. We would not be where we are today without the help of so many volunteers. Each week we have volunteers come out and help us with our deliveries to low-income and senior households across Boulder County. That means at least 4-5 people are volunteering 1-2 hours on their Fridays to ensure families get their food each week. Read more>>

Bryanna O’Connell | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

One of the single most essential factors behind my success in the photography industry was the education I was afforded in learning the fundamentals of the art itself. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn photography in a dark room when the world was turning towards DSLR cameras. Read more>>

Silencia Cox | CEO and co-owner of Motherlove Herbal Company

Motherlove is committed to producing only the highest quality organic herbal remedies for pregnancy through to postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby. By staying committed to our organic and quality standards, including no fillers or synthetics, for over 30 years, moms and lactation consultants know that they can always trust our brand. Read more>>

Dominic Vellone | Owner

Consistency. We always deliver a high quality product with thoughtful and compassionate customer service. Read more>>

Jerri Doran | Shamanic Healer and Teacher

I am a healer and teacher who does shamanic energy work and community outreach. For my role and my work, I think I would say the most important factor to success is trust. This trust is generated by the additional qualities of integrity, authenticity, humility and genuine caring for those who seek my assistance. Read more>>

Gareth Mitten | Outdoor Enthusiast & Software Engineer

Customer service has been an important factor in our success so far. My partner and I made it a point to make customer service a top priority and I think it is paying off. Happy customers tell their friends and family about their experiences with us, and allow us to grow organically. Read more>>

Shannon H | Travel Blogger and Teacher

I think that the most important factor behind the success of a brand is consistency and hard work. I have built my blogs www.TravelingTeacherGirl.com and www.UpperEastSideandBeyond.com as a side hustle while also working full time, which required being very diligent with my schedule. Read more>>

Nate Hensley | Bass/Vox – Takilma

The fact that TAKILMA has been a consistent live band on the road taking the music to our fans for the last 15 years. Read more>>

Desiree Gonzales | Grazing Table Goddess – Lover of Bees – Supreme Snacker

I think the most important factor/s for me, outside my amazing support system, is I love the details! Moreover, I love to SHOP for the details, probably a little too much I’m sure. We, as humans, have such a connection to food, because it’s such a memory inducer. Read more>>