We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Samantha Glenn | Chief Operating Officer

Modern Plate was founded on the values of appreciation, celebration, compassion, and dependability – all qualities that you would look for in a good neighbor! We are community focused by nature, as our product is going into the homes of the people who work to make our city a better place… Read more>>

Bryn Merrell | Artist & Illustrator

I spend most of my free time outdoors. It is a place where I can gather inspiration, feel connected, and reset. I want others to be able to get the same experience with their time outdoors if they desire. In an effort to do this, I launch a collection called Preservation Land. Read more>>

Jennings Hester | Founder of Fishing the Good Fight

Our mission is to improve all lives by serving men facing mental health challenges. Men comprise over 80% of all suicides in the US, while making up less than 20% of people treated for a mental illness or substance abuse. While we focus on directly reducing those statistics by working with men, it affects the entire community. Behind every man is a partner, spouse, family and friends. We want to help every one of them improve their quality of life. Read more>>

Kandra Churchwell | Proud to Be Natural: Soapmaker and Author

At Alo Goods, we focus on natural goods and sustainability. We also tend to put a “for real” in front of those too. That means “for real” natural in that we always get as close to nature as possible with all of our ingredients and “for real” suitable packaging that doesn’t have any tricks, gimmicks, or green washing attached to it. Read more>>

Mary Montgomery | Radio/Tv Personality/Virtual Business Consultant

My business helps the community by getting the word out on current and new business owners their benefits as well as services. Offering promotions advertising and tv interviews this lets the masses understand people in the entertainment industry. The community is assisted by a network of goal oriented individuals working together to help make a difference Read more>>

Cyndi Marty | Home Decor designer

99% of our raw goods that we turn into product was destined for the landfill. We collect fabric and other materials from high end fabric showrooms and interior designers after the product is discontinued or obsolete. And, then we are able to create one of a kind designer quality soft goods. As a woman owned business, I love supporting woman. Hiring people that need work, that need the income as artisans and staying loyal to them. A better world, a better community makes a better company. Read more>>