We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kirsty York | Tattoo Artist, Owner of Blackbird Ink Tattoo Shop

Lets face it, as a young female walking into your average tattoo shop can be a bit intimidating. And honestly not all tattoo artists are the nicest of people. This is a part of that tattoo industry that really needs to change. When opening my own shop I wanted to create a more welcoming environment that all members of the community felt welcomed in. I have had many clients, who are female, LBGTQ, and others, comment on how my shop is the first they have felt comfortable in. I also try to hold as many community events as possible, Tattoo flash events are a great way to raise money and awareness. Read more>>

Carol Jasunas | Row House Owner and Self Proclaimed Fitness Fanatic

There are many different types of people in the world, with varying talents and interests. One common element among everyone, however, is the importance of exercise and fitness for good health. There is a large population that does not feel comfortable participating in group fitness classes because they do not consider themselves to be athletic and feel very out of place in fitness environments. Row House is unique in that rowing, the basis of Row House group exercise classes, is inclusive for all fitness levels, ages and body types, thus helping everyone achieve good fitness. Rowing is a low impact, full body, high intensity workout that allows non-athletic individuals to participate right along side the seasoned athletes and achieve an amazing workout. Read more>>

Brittany Montanye | Tarot Reader

Maslow Tarot is primarily is an outreach project on Social Media in order to provide access for individuals seeking guidance and who are on a path of self growth. I also conduct private readings for individuals one-on-one via Zoom where I hold space we gaining insight from the Tarot and our guides in general or a specific interest. These virtual sessions and collective general posts on social media provide an outlet to unpack trauma, addiction and relationship challenges, etc.. While not a Doctor, I utilize my psychology degree, life experience and passion in my interpretation of the cards and delivery of messages. In times like this, where finances and stability are uncertain, politics and government are tense, and isolation from the pandemic making people also slow down, people need connection more than anything. Read more>>

Pamela Machala | Singer/Songwriter & Musician

Since I started out as a singer/songwriter, I’ve always aspired to follow in the footsteps of my songwriting heroes, people like Sara Bareilles, India.Arie, and Billy Joel (to name a few). Their songs are so thoughtfully crafted, and they have accompanied me through so many hardships and joys in my life. I have come to think of certain songs as dear friends, offering comfort and wisdom whenever I return to them. My mission in releasing my own music is to pass that gift on to others. If my songs can walk someone I’ve never met through their struggles, if my song can become a friend to someone else and keep them company while they cook dinner, that, to me, is success. Above all, I strive to write honest songs. The more honestly I write about my own feelings & life experiences, the more I find they resonate with others. Read more>>

Leigh Cabell | Environmental Artist

Hopefully, impacting by educating. One of my business goals is to create awareness, which I try to accomplish in unexpected ways. Right now, everything is loud and in your face about all sorts of social subjects from race to the environment. Maybe we should be loud, but…no one is listening. Maybe it is better to be quiet and listen and let others come to their own conclusions. My message is mostly about the environment but also about people. I want people to look at the ordinary everyday things in their lives, be it trash (what and how we are consuming) or people. To make a conscious decision to do something positive for our community. Everything has value, it is about discovering it. Taking the time to think about something or someone else. Read more>>

Colleen Briggs | Artist and Author

We are not alone. I keep stumbling on this theme wherever I go in the world (and strangely, especially among the most downtrodden) – God’s relentless pursuit of each one of us. I’ve never felt more strongly that I am not alone, that God is nearer than the air I breathe, than when caring for and advocating for orphans. Across the globe, they peer from the shadows of deconstructed realities, vulnerable to disease, abuse, neglect, death… From the rice fields of Vietnam, laboring under a relentless sun. From the slums of Kenya, neglected and starving . From the mountains of Nepal, sold into slavery. From the countryside of Zimbabwe, oppressed by the whims of a corrupt dictator. From the inner cities of the USA, snatched for human trafficking. Read more>>

Alyce Blum | Storyteller, Speaker, & Master Connector

We all have stories to tell and once we have the confidence and tools to do so we can change the world, one story at a time. We all know that those who “talk pretty” typically get their ideas bought into, their products purchased, and their services utilized. And, if you think about it, what defines a “pretty talker” is usually someone who tells memorable stories. Well, what about those people who have fabulous ideas, great products and valuable services that never see the light of day because they don’t know how to articulate their ideas? What about those folks who don’t know how to find relevant stories to express their ideas/products/services and deliver them in a memorable way that connects with their audience. Read more>>

Chris Erickson | Artist

Art is the ultimate unifier. In a world of extreme polarization and dissenting beliefs, art has the ability to unite people across the spectrum of humanity. Art builds community. Art transcends all racial and ethic boundaries. Art provides meaning and understanding to the inexplicable. Read more>>