We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Eryn Hays | Licensed Massage Therapist

The reason I decided to pursue Massage Therapy–and why I think it is an artistic career–was initially for my own mental health and my own mental clarity. When in college, I decided to major in Comparative Religion, which eventually lead me down the path of getting interested in alternative health.Read more>>

Carolyn Highland | Author, Freelance Writer, Outdoor Educator

I’ve kept a journal since I was seven years old, so pursuing writing as a career always felt pretty natural. I took extra creative writing classes in high school and worked for the literary magazine and the school newspaper, and then majored in creative nonfiction writing in college. I would write most days even if I never published anything. After college I started to feel drawn toward writing about my experiences in the outdoors–using them as extended metaphors for truths about life that anyone can relate to. Read more>>

Liza Sparks | Writer, Poet, Creative

I’m still in the process of transforming my writing into a career. I would like to be able to support myself financially through my writing—that’s a goal I’m working towards. Like the majority of writers, I’m not pursing a writing career for the money. I’m interested in storytelling as an art form. I’m interested in what storytelling can do to move people—to shift consciousness. I’m interested in storytelling as truth telling—even in the realm of the magical, the surreal. In some ways, it feels like magic.Read more>>

Casey and Drew Gomez | Full time vanlife couple & Non profit WWII interviewers and small business owners

Drew: I’m an AF Veteran. Served 10 years – half as an enlisted member and half as an officer. I was medically separated from my last assignment; was assigned to the 6th ARS as a KC-10 Pilot. My Grandpa was a Colonel in the USAF. Served 30 years. He was enlisted in the Army; served on the frontlines of WW2. He died when I was 5. Casey: My grandparents served in WW2; my grandpa was in the Bataan death march, my grandma was a nurse. I served as a Space Officer; I launched multiple satellites and rockets as well as observed and tracked satellites.Read more>>