We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Josiah McCauley | Solution finder

People do the same thing over and over again but expect different results. For things to change for me, I had to change. That meant removing myself from anything that didn’t help me move forward in my goals. I stopped going out on weekends with friends. Read more>>

Bernardo Rodriguez | Illustrator

Meditation and mindfulness practices have been great tools for success in my life. I find that the more mindful I can be in everyday situations, the more grateful I become, and my decision-making is less impulsive and more efficient. Overall, meditation and mindfulness help me connect with the universal truths that unite us all and allow me to be a more thoughtful and aware person/artist. Read more>>

Lindsay Milazzo | DJ & Music Producer

There is so much value in the early morning. I truly believe that the way you begin your day sets you up for either success or failure. I personally love waking up early, having a greens drink, plotting out my day and practicing some form of movement (riding the bike, hitting the gym, or yoga). Even if the rest of my day doesn’t go as planned, I can always fall back on the fact that I made time for myself in the early morning. Read more>>

McKenna Andrews | Graphic Artist/Illustrator

I would say that having a structured itinerary has been the most helpful habit I have adopted. Being able to build; and adhere to, a schedule allows me to set aside ample time for my work. The satisfaction felt in working with such efficiency is a reward in-and-of itself. Making it easier to keep up with, and improve upon. Without that discipline, I don’t think I would be anywhere near as productive or happy as I have come to be. Read more>>

Kris Culbertson | Entrepenuer, business owner, board certified neurophysiologist

Truthfully- having an old school work ethic. It’s a grind. Being efficient and learning how to properly delegate makes a very big difference as well. Another thing that has been paramount is the notion of not asking someone to do something you wouldnt do yourself. Read more>>

Aidan Dennison (Yofee) | DJ & Producer

I believe that the habit which helped me succeed the most is consistency. I learned very quickly on my own that staying consistent with something you’re in love with or passionate about will end with success eventually. Wether you think about that in the sense of a relationship, job, or hobby, it seems to always work out. I started DJ-ing 5 years ago with the intent of creating my own music one day and that consistency has lead me to where I am now. Read more>>