We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

The Designosaur (aka Julia Williams) | Artist & Muralist

Self-discipline, passion, and creating even when I don’t feel inspired. I think self-discipline has been the most important one for having my own business. I’ve always been a type-A sort of person, very self-directed and motivated, which has translated really well into being a business owner. No one else is going to pick up your slack when you’re on your own, so you have to be completely dedicated and passionate about what you’re doing in order to have enough self-discipline to make it work, especially in the beginning. Belief in yourself is also a huge one – it’s hard to stay motivated without really feeling like what you’re doing is important and valuable. Read more>>

Valerie Morris | Digital Marketing Strategist

One of the best things I’ve done to succeed is simply doing what I say I will do. So many people are flaky, or cut corners. However, if you show up and deliver on the work you will do (and when you said you will do it), you earn the trust of prospects, clients, and referral partners. Read more>>

Lara Bercu | Beauty Consultant Aesthetician

I am a disciplined and focused person, which translates into a discipline beauty regimen for myself, and the clients I serve. I have been committed to health and beauty since I was a young girl. I know that beauty radiates from the inside out, and we can make ourselves feel beautiful, by taking amazing care of ourselves, which absolutely translates into healthy and glowing skin. My father once said, there’s no such thing as an unattractive woman, just a woman that doesnt take care of herself. I don’t believe we need to narrow this to just women, it’s true for everyone. When you take care of yourself, it is very evident in your radiance. I have clients of all ages and I educate them on building healthy habits on a daily basis. Facials and peels are absolutely helpful, but home care is essential to see profound and lasting results. Read more>>