Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Maurice McKay | Owner, Zeus Supplements

When I first started getting into weight training about 6 years ago, I was trying every supplement on the shelves. I bought into the idea that we needed to stack multiple supplements, or that a pre and post workout was needed. I started doing research on the ingredients used in pre workouts and soon came to the realization that every pre workout I tried was way under dosing their ingredients, or not listing how much was used because it was a proprietary blend. I started buying creatine in bulk and adding additional creatine to my pre workout, then with more research I started adding more beta alanine; then citrulline malate. It got to the point that I just started buying everything in bulk, used a scale to weight it all out and used a blender to mix 20-30 servings at a time. Read more>>

Skip Benefiet | Silversmith

Honestly, boredom. During the peak of quarantine I started going stir crazy and needed something to occupy my time. I had always admired and appreciated silversmiths but never thought I could actually be one. With the pandemic, especially at the beginning, there was so much uncertainty I wanted to take control of something in my life, to have full control of my future. I took an online tutorial and dove head first. I named my business after my dog whose name was Malachite, it was too perfect to not dedicate my business to him as Malachite & Silver go hand in hand. Read more>>

Christina Voreadis | Owner & Marketing & Event Coordinator

Go Fish Food Truck was started because we saw a need for fast, delicious seafood in Colorado Springs. Kevin Hill, my business partner, had 20 years of restaurant experience & I was an elementary school teacher so we decided to utilize our opposite skills sets and thus, Go Fish was born. We were also both born & raised in Colorado Springs and wanted to provide our community with a new & different mobile cuisine option. Read more>>