Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Kyle Foster | Owner & Mechanic

When constructing the mission and vision for Seagull’s Cycles, I wanted a shop that would stand out from the rest. I wanted Seagull’s to be the shop that does all the things I thought a shop should/could do. A shop that was involved in the community more so than just the race scene. A place where anyone and everyone could come and feel welcome and comfortable. Through the years I’ve had so many ideas I wanted to pursue, now I get the chance to try out all of them. Read more>>

Paola Baglietto | Culture and DEIB Consultant

BUSINESS IDEA: My passion for inclusion might have to do with my background. You could say that I’m a bridge, or better yet, a mutt! I was made like one. I’m pieces of everyone and everywhere. I’m an immigrant and white. I’m both Mexican and European (and now recently American). I’m privileged and a woman. I am educated, yet I grew up in a developing nation. And for the past 15 years, as I’ve endeavored to change patterns of oppression in education and create social mobility, I have realized the need to include the places where people spend most of their time: the workplace! Read more>>

Mckenzie Parrott | Owner & artist of Parrott Paints

I’ve always fueled the creative side of myself. When I was younger my dad taught me how to draw bubble letters & throughout college I found myself constantly doodling in class. Parrott paints has always been there & apart of me, it just took a little confidence to turn it into a business. Read more>>

Jenni Evans | Pin-Up Paint Owner, Indie Nail Polish/Cosmetic Maker

When I realized I couldn’t find nail polish locally that was free of harmful carcinogenic ingredients. I wanted a better alternative that was not only free of harmful chemicals, but a product that was cruelty-free and vegan. I knew I could make a better product. A product with a story behind each color. With each new collection comes a new story; everything from musicians I’ve seen play live to the legendary icons of the silver screen. I want my clients to connect to the Pin-Up Paint color(s) they choose. Read more>>

Brandon Iwamoto | Photographer

When I left my career as a newspaper photojournalist, I went through several years of trying to understand not only what it was that I loved about photography but also why I cared so much about continuing pursuing it as a vocation. I came to realize that it wasn’t necessarily the photography that I loved but rather the ability to tell a story through pictures that I loved. From there, it was a process of figuring out how I can continue telling stories through pictures, even without a medium like a newspaper, and who would care about having their story told. It took me a while to arrive at the process and learn the business basics, but at the end of the day everybody has a story to tell and I am here to tell it through the lens of my camera. Read more>>

Deborah Yim | Employment Lawyer

When I was an employment attorney representing employers, I saw a lot of employees who were abused or discriminated against in the workplace. They had good legal cases but could not afford an attorney so they tried to represent themselves. Most of the time, they would lose or give up because they just didn’t understand the legal system. At the same time, I saw a lot of mom and pops and small businesses that wanted to do right by their employees but simply had no clue about workers’ rights. They too could not afford the hourly rates of many attorneys here in Denver. Many of these individuals were women, immigrants, and/or people of color – like myself. I wanted to be a voice for these people. I wanted them to see a bit of themselves in their lawyer. Read more>>