We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Grace Gatto | Wedding and Elopement Photographer

I disagree with a lot of conventional advice when it comes to photography in particular. I believe that photography is an art. I believe that photographers should get creative with what they’re putting out there and if you’re taught that things need to be a specific way, it limits your creative freedom. I’ve heard so many photographers that have gone to school for photography say, “Oh this needs to be this way”, “Your camera settings shouldn’t be this way”, or “You need to use more artificial light” etc. I believe thinking this way limits your ability to do different things than what’s “normal”. And I believe there’s nothing wrong with doing things a bit different than conventional and making some amazing art in the process! Read more>

Patrick Cross | Manual Therapist, Instructor, Lecturer, Business Owner & Project Manager

“If you follow your passion and believe in yourself you will undoubtedly succeed.” This assertion (or some version of it) has become a hallmark of self-help books and inspirational youtube videos. While I agree that being passionate about what you do, and believing in yourself can be major assets, those traits (no matter how strong) will not automatically make anyone successful. Success requires hard, often repetitive and boring, work. It requires being willing to put the time and energy in even when you’re not feeling passionate about it (which will happen a lot). It requires understanding that many of the amazing ideas we have are actually not that amazing and will need to be re-worked or completely scrapped regardless of how much we believe in them. And it requires a fair amount of luck, which is not enhanced by our passion or self belief, but is enhanced by getting out into the world and meeting people and creating mutually beneficial connections. Read more>>

Shana Stolz | Creator

One of the most common things I have read, listened to or have been told over the years was that I needed to “niche” down. Focus on one thing. It’s taken me six years to prove that theory wrong. At least for me. I am a “creative”, a maker, a try everything and see what sticks, kinda gal. I love it ALL! Woodworking, jewelry making, painting, sewing, re-purposing, clothing! …. the list goes on. Although, I do believe that you need to find your style, do it well, and create from the heart. Read more>>