We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Katie Moseley | Intuitive Energy Healer

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent, with the intention of having a deep and lasting impact, is choose to be a pattern breaker. Opting to authentically model the advice I bestow upon my children is part of the healer’s journey. I allow myself to be imperfect as I explore new pathways as a mother. Energy work and the unseen world is integrated into our daily lives. Together, my daughters and I redefine what “family” looks and feels like for us. In every moment of the Now, I choose to be conscious and transmute unserving patterns that were rooted for generations. The ripple effect of this unique expression activates new ways of Being for my children, as well as future generations. Read more>>

Krysti Schofield | Owner of Schofield Homestead LLC

Teaching our children that time and relationships are the most valuable things in life and not what we acquire. We teach our children that you have to work hard in life, be kind to others and love one another to really be successful. We really function as a family based off of strong Christian values and give back and help others as much as possible. Read more>>

Pam Vagnieres, MS, MNT | Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist

Letting my child be creative and make choices for himself, and then being supportive of those creative choices vs trying to lead him or steer him “as a parent” was the most important thing I did as a parent. The whole reason I started my own business was so I could make time to be with my child as I raised him. If I stayed in a job where I could not make my own hours, I’d have missed so much quality time as a mother. Being a mother was, by far, the best thing I’ve ever done. Read more>>

Chermetra Keys | The Female Shoota- Photographer

Seeking therapy and falling in love with myself has been the most important thing I’ve done as a parent. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I realized deep down inside I wasn’t happy with myself and it was truly affecting my kids. I needed help and had no idea where to look. It wasn’t until I joined Fit and Nu where they not only offer fitness and nutrition for women of color they also began at that time offering session called purpose prep coaching. When I began going to these sessions, I remember being asked “what is your why” in my first session and I was stunned because I had no idea other then for my kids but it didn’t feel like my truth. Each session I felt as if I was peeling back layers from a onion and so much from my childhood started to come to light. It was these session that helped me dig deeper into why my kids where behaving the way they were and I realized I had no home and workalike balance whatsoever. Read more>>

Ben Fout | Co-Owner Truce.Media

I am now a soon-to-be dad so I’m working on my jokes. Side note; please send your best parent joke to instagram @trucemedia_. I hope the ideals and purpose of what I do today will impact our little one as much as the larger Film and TV community, and I have a lot of confidence it will. Read more>>