We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jon Wasik | Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author

I hope for readers to curl up with one of my novels and lose themselves in it like they might a conversation with an old friend. I wish to inspire, to bring hope or joy or love into the lives of readers, to spark their imaginations with visions of distant, fantastical lands and exciting adventures or intriguing people. I want my readers to think and feel, to wonder and imagine. I want to be remembered as that writer that gave them a story worth remembering for the rest of their lives! Read more>>

Meta Sarmiento | Award-Winning Poet & Independent Rapper

Legacy is such a weird idea to me because it requires enough narcissism to believe that even in death, I’ll remain alive. These days I try my best to thread the needle between conceit and pride. I think the way I approach the concept of legacy now is this: “What kind of ancestor do you want to be?” But I don’t envision it by thinking about a millennium from now, more like, what do I want my grandchildren to remember about me? What stories do I want them to pass down through the next few generations after me? I hope they say I was a good man who cared so much about craft that I was unable to separate the act of creating from the act of breathing. I want those who come next to say I embodied the best of us even in the worst of times; that I inspired positive transformations in even complete strangers; that my existence, though brief and fleeting, affected lasting change, whether on a personal level, or at a level that touched a community. Read more>>

Shawnii J Johnson | Published Model, DJ, Creative Directing & Styling Coach

I would like my legacy to be that I am America’s top Curvy darker complexioned model that never sexualized herself to the point where it was trashy but I always carried myself with the upmost respect and I always taught other models to do so as well I want to be able to have people remember me as the person that went out there and got it no matter what no matter the circumstances no matter what was going on in their life I still executed shoots I still did creative styling directing I still DJ I still did everything that I said I was going to do and I’m self-made and I did everything on my own and you can do it too! Anything you put your mind to your heart and soul to put in the work you can do it no matter what anyone says. Read more>>

Kim Constantinesco | Children’s Author & Content Director

In the end, I want people to say, “She lived the hell out of life, but best of all, she helped others do the same.” Read more>>

Terese Shanley | Intuitive Soul Coach & Energy Healer

I want people to remember that I helped them find the light and love within them that is who they are! Read more>>

Katie Renon | Certified Childbirth Instructor

My main focus of my company is improving maternal wellness. Our country’s maternal mortality rate is heartbreakingly high; I want to be part of changing that narrative. Education is empowerment. When parents are fully informed, they can confidently make birthing decisions in partnership with their care providers. Plus, Care Packages from The Labor of Love Co. encourage Mamas to practice self-care. This is vital for maternal mental and physical health. Read more>>