We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them.  We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Emily Nelson | Founder of Be a Tree Cremation

Working in death care, legacy is something I think about often. I’ve lost many loved ones over the years and that helps me appreciate my mortality and the limited time I have here on earth. I hope to be remembered as someone who wasn’t afraid to challenge the way things are done and take risks to make our planet better. One of my teachers, Susanne Conrad of Lightyear Leadership, says “You’re already someone’s ancestor.” and that helps me keep my legacy in focus when things get tough. Read more>>

Raven Faber | Structural Engineer and Entrepreneur

I’d like to leave behind a legacy that encourages people to live their truth, to always be their authentic selves, and to go after their dreams with everything they’ve got. A legacy that reminds people that it’s okay to be loud and passionate about what drives them and that it’s perfectly fine to go against the grain. A legacy that supports openly standing up for what is right however uncomfortable it may be. A legacy that champions using whatever platform is available to you to fight for change, justice, and a seat at the table. A legacy that instills courage and conviction in your mission and cause. A legacy that helps others to learn that self-development is a lifelong journey and that it is through this work that a deep sense of self-confidence and inner peace may be found. I hope to lead by example as it would be a privilege and an honor to be remembered for all of these things. Read more>>

Jerri Roush | Owner, What to Wear Clothing Boutique & JRoush Events

I would love for my legacy to be that What to Wear Boutique was a warm, welcoming small business that stood the test of time and became a key part of the fabric of the Flying Horse and surrounding communities. A place for locals and tourists to shop, enjoy a glass of wine and a little laughter. I would want people to remember that I was kind, generous in giving back to the community, fun-loving and of course that I had a keen eye for fashion. Read more>>