We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Bobby Burch | Wildlife & Nature Photographer

Nature is my main source of inspiration. I’m a curious person and nature’s mysteries fill me with wonder. Wild places push me to reconnect with myself, remind me how small I am, and put into perspective the trivialities of my day-to-day. Nature is humbling and enlivening. That connection to nature — and how it’s helped me through life — is what inspires my photography. So often, we aren’t willing to be still with ourselves. We’re constantly caught in our thoughts and in “go mode,” seeking to accomplish the next task or eking out the day. But when you’re on a multi-day backpacking trip, you’re forced to be alone with your thoughts, shift your focus to the present, and be aware of your immediate surroundings. Read more>>

Ian Kleinman | Chef/ Founder of The Inventing Room

I get inspired by looking at other artistic works from different industries. I try to implement some of those artistic works into our business operations. For example, after seeing a musical in which the performers were wearing hands-free drums, we created a hands-free nitro mobile station where we can present some of our more popular treats and textures while on the move through a crowd. We just debuted the nitro mobile station at a fundraiser for National Jewish Health, sponsored by Mercedes Benz & Neiman Marcus. Read more>>

Luke Hunter James-Erickson | Singer/Songwriter

Human connection and oppressive systems hold within them unlimited wealths. While I draw from literature, most recently Anatole France’s novel The Revolt of the Angels, and pop science (who among us hasn’t been inspired by A Brief History of Time?), everyday life tends to inspire me most of all. From the relationships I have, to how our society treats others, when looking for something to say, I find no better topic than humanity. It’s through the lense of fantasy and science fiction, through humor and, well, dressing up in silly costumes, that I try to obfuscate my messages so they can appear foreign and new. Really I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, usually by much more astute poets, authors, songwriters, but I feel like, since it’s fun to sing and play guitar, why not try to amplify the positive messages I’ve learned over the years. Short answer: Terry Pratchett. haha. Read more>>

Daniel Forster | Fine Art Photographer

Before I even owned a real camera, I used my phone to snap photos of brilliant sunsets or things like a landscape covered in fresh snow. Those photos served as a way for me to remember the experience of what I saw and a way to share them with others. I believe the earth was created for us to enjoy, and when I see something beautiful it’s a reminder of why we are here. I’ve even told people that sometimes it feels like a big hug when I get witness the sky filling up with color from an amazing sunset. Read more>>