We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

CSU Cycling Team | Collegiate Club Cycling Team

Collaboration. As a collegiate club cycling team, we are a student run program, which means that on top running one of the top collegiate racing teams in the country, our officers are also pursing their college degrees. Each year we elect 6 officers, and select team captains for each discipline we compete in so that regardless of school schedule some of us will have time to conduct team business. Our captains organize team rides during the week, while our officers organize travel to and from races, team events, and most importantly each spring the CSU Cobb Lake Road Race and Oval Criterium which serves as our main fundraiser for the year. Read more>>

Ed Oldham | Golf instructor

I have been teaching golf for over 40 years and am passionate about what I do. I still try to learn and improve. I try to learn something every day. I think the passion and the desire to always learn and improve have helped me to become successful. Read more>>

Lori Hughes | Chief Spoon Licker, Business Adventurer, and Sass-a-frass

Community is the most important factor behind the success of my business. I emphasize community building above all else. I insist my employees get to know our customers, dish out the sass, make them laugh – or think and most of all: learn their names, I regularly host small craft fairs, art exhibits, etc. I don’t charge fees to vendors. The purpose in doing these events is to offer an outlet to the creatives in our area, and to draw in new customers for myself, but not to make money off the vendors. Read more>>

Martha Kyler | Digital Creator

Transparency is the key ingredient to the success of my personal brand. No matter what niche or content pillars I explore, finding authentic connection is the heart and soul of my digital presence. This spirit of community and belonging is sparked by my own vulnerability. I’m excited that the rise in video content has chipped away at the former interface of social media that was plastered with filters and carefully curated feeds. Read more>>

Don Johnson | Artist, Learner, Terrible Singer & Land Professional

The factor in my current strings of success is that I’ve come to the realization that people will buy art or engage because of a connection with the artist, not just the art. So, I began trying to connect with my audience by putting more of my authentic self into my progress content, and people have responded positively to my painting videos. I use my terrible singing and sense of humor to create videos that people are connecting with, all while showing what I am about and who I am. I am letting each new video or new painting’s successes roll into more successes and opportunities, in turn taking me to my bigger success goals. Read more>>

Brittanie Bae | Salon Owner + Stylist

I would say the most important factor behind my success + the success of my brand is teamwork + collaboration. From the very beginning, Coloroom started with the collaboration of my business partner and I. We had a vision to create a space where stylists and employees can feel empowered to utilize all of their best skills + reach their fullest potential. We provide resources for stylists to build their own personal brand + customized coaching for long-term life goals. It is our priority to host life long careers within Coloroom. It’s with this kind of collaboration that Coloroom will grow + thrive. If we don’t listen to our team + give them ownership of their careers our business will stall out. Read more>>

Bailey Johnson | Photographer & Birth Doula

To me, the most important factor behind my success of my business is connecting with the people that I photograph in a way that empowers them. That is truly my whole mission as a photographer. My creativity soars when I’m able to uplift and inspire, so it really is such a beautiful combination of my inner drive to create and also my inner compass leading me towards making a lasting impact on anyone I come into contact with in my work. Read more>>