We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ally Chapel | Co-founder, Brass Queens

The most important factor is our members. In our case, as a band, this exact mix of people is what defines our sound, which is our product. Our members are also the core of our community which extends to all of the people around us that support us. This community that we have built has given us all of our success. People can see that community my our streams on spotify, attendance at our shows, engagement on social media, etc. All of that turns into bigger and bigger opportunities for us. Read more>>

Clint Eccher | Painter

I would have to say how fortunate I’ve been during my 22-year painting career that much of the originality of my work has resonated with collectors. I’m not someone who respects taking another’s work, making a small change, and claiming it as your own. I respect those who create new ways of doing things that are true to them. The risk with that, though, is that they won’t like your originality. Read more>>

Jarred De Palo | Artist

HAVE FUN! Its a very simple concept yet can be very tricky to implement as an Artist. In the past I’ve been overly critical of my work and have put to much energy into worrying whether or not the client/customer would enjoy or buy my work. The more I pulled away from those ideas and just did art to do art without judgment I realized two wonderful things. One, I was enjoying my time in the studio much more without the stresses of negative self critique, which in return I started to develop new skills & techniques. Secondly, my art became much more fluid and as those skills grew so did my sales! I constantly remind myself to just HAVE FUN. Read more>>

Kevon Ward | Special Effects and Fine Art

It’s a cliché, but the true answer is creating what I’m passionate about. When we make the art that comes directly from the heart, that is when we’re the most honest. The best version of our talent shows and people see it. I believe that being too trendy will make a creator generic and forgettable. Read more>>

Lord Scorpio | Recording Artist, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

Dedication and Opportunism are two core factors to my success. I had to sit with myself very early in my music career and make a vow to not give up on it. It was really hard to commit to in those low moments where things aren’t working out but I used that vow as my anchor. I’ve shown myself time and time again that if i get back up good things will follow. I also think optimism is very important. In a world where were told Arts and Music aren’t practical or realistic career paths its important i remind myself to stay positive because a negative outlook will attract and negative outcome, just as a positive with attract abundance. Read more>>

Samantha Lilly | Wife, mother & sourdough creator

The most important factor behind any success is customer service. If you have lousy customer service then people won’t support you! I have a product and skill that many are wanting right now and I am offering individual customer service when people message me directly through Instagram to troubleshoot what they are doing. Read more>>

Annie Cross | Boutique Hotel Owner/Operator

When thinking about our success overall it’s very simple; we leave nothing to chance. Every single thing we do is carefully and thoughtfully curated and comes from a very authentic desire to create the best lodging experience our guests have ever had. When thinking about our success related to branding I am always reminded of what a brilliant entrepreneur once told me which is that you should listen to exact words or phrasing repeated by your customers to inform your branding. Read more>>

Amy Hobb | Baker

The connection I make with people has become an important part of my brand and I think a big reason for my success. I didn’t realize how making cakes could impact my customer’s lives, but when I create a child’s birthday cake year after year, I get to become a small part of their big moments and make those moments a little sweeter. And those big moments become bigger as kids grow up and graduate, get married, travel the world, have kids of their own, say goodbye to loved ones. Read more>>

Dalton King | Cross Country Mountain Biker and outdoor enthusiast

I would say the most important factor behind my success is determination and having fun. I find that it is very important to keep a firm intent on my micro and macro goals. While having fun achieving and working towards each one of my goals. Read more>>

Kiki Nikole Mack | Meditation Coach & Mentor

There are four factors I’d like to mention behind my success. One is that I enjoy helping others to help themselves – without this factor, I would not be motivated to do what I do. Second, it is important to treat others the way I want to be treated, and that is with dignity and love. The third factor includes staying in the flow – this includes maintaining momentum. And fourthly, having patience is a very important factor behind my success and the success of Toadstone Mountain Trading Co. Read more>>