Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Andrea Leo | Sun Market Owner

Having my own business was created out of necessity of being a working mom. I needed a place where my kids could go to work with me and having my own business seemed to be the only practical way to make that possible. What I was not expecting was how it would affect them. My kids were with me during the entire set up of my store. They sat in the store’s office and did homeschool while I painted and built shelves. They were around for all of the months of back and forth with the city and building department. They saw the times when it was tough and I felt overwhelmed, and they saw me get back up and keep fighting. I think they learned that when you believe in something, you sometimes have to fight for it. And if you dream it, you can make anything happen. Read more>>

Jules Elders | Art’s cool Founder & Teacher

20 years ago I gave up my career in Advertising (making 6 figures) to become an art teacher to other kids and to stay home with my own. This decision was made over one year time and by the end it was an easy decision. While on vacation with my infant, I got an urgent call from my team because the color blue was printed wrong on a number of client promo items. It caused a major catastrophe that I was trying to fix until my baby started cooing. I get branding, and the color of a logo is extremely important. But in life’s hierarchy, where should that fall? Should thousands of dollars be spent in arguing, worrying and reprinting? This impact on the planet as well as everyone involved was a waste of time and money, one I finally saw as superficial while looking into my babies eyes. Read more>>

Pierre Brunschwig | Parent, doctor

I have a daughter who is now in college. I divorced when she was 11 years old. Since that time, which was devastating to her emotionally, a mixture of transparency, kindness especially toward my ex-wife, finding my own happiness, and willingness to be vulnerable with her helped her confidently emerge into her young adulthood. My sense is that being myself, fully sharing that with her authentically is the special sauce of parenting. This takes commitment, patience, and time. Read more>>