Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Haley Spadafora | Witch, teacher, and conservationist

I am happiest when out in the forest. Whether teaching children the uses of ferns, harvesting deadnettle out of my backyard or sitting by a fire with loved ones, I am happiest with trees above me. I started my business, Pinecone Potions, in the wee hours of January 2021. When the pandemic hit, I was laid off from my outdoor education job and started the long job search. Eventually, I took a remote job, then one in a basement with six energetic first-grade boys. WHILE fulfilling in many ways, as you can imagine, I had to be high energy, most of the time My outside life became recovery only. Read more>>

Sean Welch | Poet & Journalist

What makes me happy is writing. I write when I’m happy, to make myself happy, hell I write about when I was last happy. It’s just the release of emotions that I may have had bottled up. Just to get whatever it is off of my chest is relieving. “Waiting to Exhale” really is a thing, I just do it (exhale) when I write. Read more>>

Jackson Davis | The Western Traveler – Photographer and Digital Creator

I try to find happiness every day, even if it is difficult. I have trained my subconscious to look for the good in everything, even when the universe is testing my strength. Happiness to me is multi-faceted and cannot be defined by just one phrase, activity, or emotion; it is a combination of all the things that give me joy, test me, bring me closer to people, and my fully authentic self. The short answer would be that I find happiness in photography, water, human connection, running, family, writing, music, fashion, plants, and color theory, just to name a few. Read more>>