Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Corinna Peters | By Day – Software PM, By Other times of day – Hunting guide, dog enthusiast, tequila drinker

First and foremost, I love my relationship with Jesus. Second – Dogs! Dogs are incredible little being and the amount of joy I have just spending time with them, fostering, rescuing, and hanging out genuinely brings me so much joy. Read more>>

Kodie Ketchbaw | Creative & Entrepreneur

I find happiness in being of service to others. I feel like there’s a real grace and an art form to it and it can manifest itself in the simplest of gestures to the grandest of ideas. As a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, it was in the simple act of serving a beverage with a smile and a “My Pleasure” when being thanked. Read more>>

Sage Helperman | Visual Artist & Live Painter

Going to see live music makes me very happy. In some ways, it gives me a reason to live (other than my pets, they also give me purpose). Live music and the communities surrounding it have been a never-ending sources of new friendships, shared connections, and amazing sounds that heal the mind, soul, and body. When the concert is particularly good, it can be a semi-religious experience. Read more>>

Kendra Lee Wiebke | Photographer

Photography and travel, plus a good notebook. Travel makes me happy because it introduces me to new places and people and feels so different from everyday life. When I’m taking photos I lose track of time, my headaches diminish, Read more>>