We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters?  We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Emma Clark | Wedding Planner & Owner of Moss & Maeve

I’ve always been a big believer in following your bliss and building a life around the things you love. Happiness is sometimes choosing the road less traveled, even if we doubt ourselves throughout the process. Building Moss & Maeve from the ground up straight out of college was definitely a choice that deviated from the “normal” path. I doubted myself probably 50 times a day (and still do!), but when weighing the risk against the reward, I knew that pushing through that doubt was the key. And let me tell you – it was worth it! I think happiness is a choice and something to strive for every single day. What brings me the most happiness is practicing gratitude and living my life as authentically as I can. For example, I choose to surround myself with friends and family who lift me up and encourage me during the good times and the bad. Read more>>

Stephanie Decker | Candle Maker

Reading an exciting book and diving into the main characters world. Having a glass of wine and a good conversation with close friends. Spending time at the ocean and in the mountains. Being able to sleep in. Being flexible with my time. Being able to create new products and being able to bring a vision to life. Knowing that my candles brought someone a little joy. Getting a good review or positive feedback. The feeling when I know I didn’t waste any supplies and I have exactly the inventory left someone is requesting. Being able to spend time with my partner, my family, and friends. Creating something with my hands. Seeing the outcome of my effort. Making our home cozy. Having deep conversations. Laughing. Standing up for my self and people I care for. Giving back some of the luck and privilege I experienced so far. Read more>>

Sharon Mendoza | Photographer

Personally, anything can make me happy. Sunny days, Thursday because there’s always new music being released that night, fun afternoons with my friends. During the pandemic, I realized what makes me the happiest & keeps me going is photography. I broke my camera a month after the pandemic began, and I lost the little motivation I had. I lost out on a few important opportunities because of the virus, and once my camera broke, I didn’t feel like doing anything but being home. Photography has always kept me busy & feeling creative, it’s more than a job/hobby for me, it‘s what makes me feel at peace, knowing I’m creating art I like & others hopefully will too. Read more>>