“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Lauren Muth | Nonprofit Website Designer

While I live my life and curate my brand around many socially-driven values, the most important one to me is accessibility, in every form of the word. When we think of accessibility, we traditionally assume removing barriers for a physical limitation, but in modern day, it also applies to digital resources and everyday basics. We live our lives day-in and day-out using our phones, computers, smart cars, and more, but what we don’t take note of is the user experience unless it’s either phenomenal or lacking in many ways. Read more>>

Kyle Cervantes | Saxophonist & Teacher

The one thing that I always come back to is conviction. Is what I’m playing honest? Is it really me speaking? Is what I’m playing backed up with intention? Am I reaching my audience? Otherwise, I’m not being sure of what I’m doing. We have such a fragile, splinter of time to exist, we absolutely cannot afford to play mindlessly. Every note, every melody, is placed with utmost intention. Read more>>

Kristen Carico | Nonprofit Founder + Director

I feel to compelled to share a bit of my personal story in connection to this question because honestly there was a time I could not provide an answer. In recent years I came to a space in my life that I realized my soul needed some attention. This revelation led to seek counseling, to pause, be intentional, and discover what my soul was craving. It would seem that my soul needed some definition, a bit of shoring-up…and in some ways I needed to pause long enough to identify its core. It took a dose of dedication, intentionality, commitment, and the journey was equally challenging and beautiful. Read more>>

Amy Kimberly | Executive Director Carbondale Arts and the Carbondale Creative District, Adventurer, Human

I can only operate authentically. . Authentic to my sense of place, authentic to who I am and authentic to the world that surrounds me. Of course, this is somewhat subjective, but, ultimately I believe I have found the balance in which to be able to succeed without selling out. In my line of work, raising money is key. This kind of work can take you into situations where you may not be able to be your true self. It can require you to take money from people you may not agree with or from places that may be out of line with what you believe. Luckily, I have not had to walk that path. Read more>>