We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Miguel Crandell

In today’s society people tend to mostly view me based off of the content I share to your social media. Many outsiders will over look the hard work it took to create a song, create the music video with dancers I choreographed the dance to, schedule a release plan, and then learn how to perform it live. People at my school might not realize that I had a rehearsal until midnight the night before but I’m sill showing up to class doing what I need to get done in the classroom. The number of hours I’ve put in on tour, in the studio, on stage and in school have surpassed numbers I lost count of. I hope one day all the hard work will pay off. Read more>>

Chelsea Castaldy | Principal Designer

It takes a village to implement a design. I may have a vision of space with a design scheme for my clients but to see it come to fruition there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that takes teamwork. From the moment I create a design scheme I work side-by-side with my vendors, contractors, and design centers. For instance, when I’m building a kitchen remodel plan I work with my cabinet Company, stone showroom, countertop fabricator, tile showroom, appliance showroom, plumbing reps, etc. After all the design is confirmed and selected I have to build scopes of works for my contractors to make my visions come to life exactly how I have invasions and what my clients dreamed. Read more>>

Natalie Rogge | Model/Business Analyst

I think that most outsiders are unaware of how demanding the modeling industry can be. When someone looks at a modeling photo they see a piece of art that has gone through hours of creative and physical labor that the viewer may not see at first glance. While the image is visibly attractive and pulls the viewer in, what the viewer does not see is the amount of work that went into creating that image. The viewer does not see the hours of planning, shooting, re-touching as well as networking that went into said photo. Read more>>

Shannon Thomason | Balloon Artist & Event Venue Director

At Hello Sunshine Creatives, our latex balloons are eco-friendly. We use high quality and biodegradable latex balloons. They decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf. With our helium balloons, as an extra precaution, we individually tie the balloons to the weight to prevent all of them from floating away if any mishaps should occur. Read more>>

Max Councill | Tattoo artist / shop owner / pretend race car driver

I feel a lot of people are very unaware to the amount of work that goes into tattooing, besides just tattooing it’s self. When I have a appointment coming up, I will have a consult, a study, reference photos and actual hours of drawing before the first appointment. I feel that some clients think that we have all of these designs just ready to go, and we just pick them from the Internet and boom it’s ready. Not realizing how much work actually goes into each tattoo. There are many nights that I am up working on an appointment from 7pm-1am trying to get a design right. Then on top of getting a design ready and dialed in, we have to talk to our other clients about their appointments and booking appointments. It’s a 24/7 job for sure! Read more>>