We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Kate Beezley | Executive Director of the Boulder Climbing Community and Mom

There is a perception that rock climbing, and to a lesser degree the outdoor recreation industry in general, is for young thrill seeking enthusiasts. Not true! If you come out to a climbing area (aka a crag) on a weekend you will see people of all ages, abilities, body compositions, and backgrounds. 60 year old, and older, routinely climb as hard or harder than 20 year old. Kids can be found climbing with their parents on weekends. Climbing and the climbing community is a lifestyle for all ages and abilities. Rock climbing is pure fun and joy, even for those with a mild aversion of scaling heights. Read more>>

Chelsea Blankenship | Realtor

I would say the one thing most aren’t aware of is how much happens behind the scenes that you don’t see. Between running a business as a one-woman team and all that you need to do as a Realtor. Aside from the fact that I am the marketing department, accounting department, operations department and so on, I am working long nights and weekends with everything else to make sure my clients have the best experience and reach their goals whether thats buying or selling. I spend a lot of time making sure I have a good team as far as my lenders, inspectors and any one else I refer. I am writing contracts, pricing homes, negotiating, and just so much more. I think most people think its all pretty houses and closings but it’s not. I would say the other thing is that most people outside my industry don’t realize that zillow has nothing to do with realtors. In fact, its a giant corportation that got its start selling people’s information to realtors and is slowly trying to eliminate us entirely which is sad because we are very much small businesses and real people. Read more>>

Chloe Bowman | Director of a BLM NPO & Caregiver

People are probably not aware of how taxing and how sometimes the meaning it is to be an activist when it comes to humanitarian work. I often hear a lot of people say “ aren’t you so happy that your work is being well received?” Which of course I am but it does not come without a sacrifice of comfort. Read more>>

Maggie Saltiel | Social Worker & Creative, Owner of Botanical Touch

Botanical Touch falls within the sex, wellness, and beauty product market. The most well known and adored mainstream brands in these markets are full of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Take lube for example. Mainstream commercial lubes are full of artificial and harmful ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, propylene glycol, petroleum, glycerin and other sugars- all which disrupt pH and hormone functioning. The skin is the most porous (and absorbent!) organ of the body, and this is what people are putting on their skin and inside their organs. Did you know that in 2012 the World Health Organization issued an advisory note about the safety issues of the osmolality and pH properties of commercial lubricants? The osmolality (or, the amount of dissolved particles per unit of water) in commercial lubricants is determined by its concentration of propylene glycol. High osmolality can irritate skin and damage skin cells, which actually breaks down the body’s barrier and makes you more susceptible to infection. Read more>>