We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Erin Loughrey | Director of Colorado Development

In America people ages 60 and up are much more likely to live alone than anywhere else in the world. In the U,S 27% of adults 60 and up live alone as compared to 16% of adults in 130 countries. We are living longer and want to stay in our homes. According to AARP 75% of retirees are choosing to age-in-place. Many adults 60 and up have larger houses than they may need, be on fixed incomes or need additional assistance around the house. At the same time cost of living for younger generations is becoming impossible to keep up with. Grad students, young professionals are unable to pay their bills while going to school or beginning their professional career. Cities like Denver are increasingly pricing people out of the market. There is a space that Odd Couples Housing has identified and is allowing people to home share through our application/website and bring these generations together. Read more>>

Justas Marcink | Artist

What most people don’t realize about being an artist is the extent to which you have to hustle. Aside from making the art, you have to document your work, network, advertise, figure out pricing, do submissions, installation, transportation, shipping, set up a website, and be consistent with social media, to name a few. It can all be very expensive and comes out of your own pocket. Read more>>

Steffany Butts-Boucher | Artist, Instructor & Sound Practitioner

When people hear the words sound healing, sound baths, sound practitioners, they often do not consider the technical details or the science behind the practice, but in fact, the sounds that we cohabitate with have an impact on how we feel. Sympathetic resonance occurs when vibration from one object causes another nearby object to vibrate. When you listen to music, your whole body connects with sound at the neural level. Sound healing is a deeply relaxing method to manage stress, clear energetic blocks, and balance your energy. A Certified Sound Practitioner is trained to utilize specific frequencies for your individual needs and alignment. To begin with a sound experience on your own: simply listen to music on a walk, at work, or while laying down comfortably at home. Our energy level aligns with the pace and frequency of the music we listen to so pay close attention to the correlation between what you need, what you are listening to, and how you are feeling. Read more>>

Jennie Yu | Apparel Pattern Designer

In the apparel industry, one thing that outsiders need to be aware of during the process of developing your own clothing line is, it takes time, a lot of time. Each step of the process has its own micro process within it, each with its own set of requirements and timeline. Let’s say we would like to develop a line of children’s wear. You need to conduct market research, hire a designer, have the designs created by a pattern maker, prototypes sewn, samples fitted on fit models. At the fit session, you need to ensure that 1) the design is properly represented in the initial prototype, and 2) the sample fits as intended. Once those issues and any other concerns are addressed, it’s back to adjusting the pattern according to the new changes. Another sample and fit session ensues and this process continues for typically, three rounds of prototyping. If it goes beyond that – then you need a new pattern maker! Once the fit sample is approved. Read more>>

Dr. Sarah Levy | Head of School

Basically it’s that we saw a need for things to be done a little differently. We tried working with existing schools to shift the model and the thinking and then realized (Mark more quickly than Sarah) that shifting a culture and way of doing things is really hard. Starting something new is really hard also, but in a different way. And we were both ready to try the other kind of hard. Also, quite honestly, we were very fortunate to find each other as partners because we have a very similar educational philosophy and work ethic. It’s really hard to work with people when you don’t have these key pieces in place, so that was a part of it — having more control over the people who were on the bus. Read more>>

Jennifer Zenner Clark | Owner & Director of Education at ZENner Mobile Yoga, Creator of The 12 Week Coaching & Yoga rogram For Trauma Survivors on a Path To Freedom

A lot of people have the idea that yoga is just stretching, or a place where people get into postures that look really uncomfortable. It is very common for the average person to never try yoga because they feel they are not flexible enough, and so they miss out on such a great opportunity to improve their mental and physical health. The truth is that flexibility is not required to practice yoga. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it’s actually harmful. If you are too flexible you can easily get injuries, and what we’re really trying to teach is a balance of strength and mobility in the body. Another form of yoga is a breathing practice. I joke with my students that a person can learn to stand on their head all they want, but if they’re breathing improperly then there’s a big benefit missing from that equation! There are also plenty of people who are wheelchair bound, or are not as able-bodied as the average person, and this demographic of people gain tremendous benefits from a modified yoga practice, which also includes mindfulness and meditation. Yoga is much more than stretching. Read more>>

Maranda Rights | Cannabis Activist/Media Personality

I would say that the Cannabis Industry isn’t all about entertainment. It is too easy to get caught up in the hype, when we are still not “legal” until people are not facing charges children taken from their homes and peoples lives are not at risk will we be “legal”. Read more>>