We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Tim O’Connor | Designer (Graphic & Product)

After working for many large and small companies, I was at a loss for words with how unsatisfied I was at being creative for them. I had many similar experiences sitting at a desk designing for one company, having a team of higher up’s tell me exactly what to do, and how to do it. I was very uninspired and my creativity felt like it had hit a wall. I was very discouraged after spending lots of time, money & school refining my design skills and thinking this was how my life was going to be forever. Read more>>

Kate Milford | Travel & Lifestyle Photographer for Sustainable Outdoor Brands

Getting a business coach. Investing in a business coach quite literally flipped my business upside down, in the best way. I feel a lot of people think having a business coach is working on “masculine energy tasks” — helping with finances, building out business plans and models, etc. It is that, but so much of business coaching, in my experience, is working on mindset so you can trust yourself and get in touch with the value you bring to your industry. The investment in working on yourself is priceless, and payed off a thousandfold. Read more>>

Michelle Staffieri | Miella from Rico & Miella

As a duo, we have done a lot on our own to get to where we are. We were just two friends making music who decided to become a duo and dedicate ourselves to our project, Rico & Miella. We had zero connections, no managers, and entered the EDM world willing to take risks. Rico used to write other artists on twitter and Facebook, asking to collaborate which most people would be too afraid to do. From then on, one thing lead to another and we had releases with big names like Feenixpawl, Seven Lions, Thomas Gold, and CLMD. Read more>>