We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Leah Foreman | Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Feeding Therapist, Parent Coach

The end goal for my business is to have the capacity to support rural mountain towns with a therapeutic farm. To support the community in this way is more than just a professional goal, is a personal vision and dream that I think of almost daily. Read more>>

Hunter Welsh | Photographer

My end goal? I simply want to create a body of work throughout my life time that will inspire people to seek refuge in the wild areas of our beautiful planet. I want my photos to help people see the beauty that we need to protect and preserve so that future generations can have the same opportunities to go experience these scenes just the same as I have. Also as a photographer in any genre, we are all capturing history and documenting history through our artwork, whether it be the history of our human society, natural history of our planet and how things on earth are in that specific moment. I want my body of work to be visually pleasing as well as a representation and documentation of what the earth and all its denizens were like during my lifetime. Read more>>

Chris Barili | Author

I am fortunate to have a military pension, and I hope to have a pension for my time as a DoD civilian employee, so my main goal for my writing career is that I can someday make writing my full-time occupation, and write books that help people escape from this crazy world in which we live. I’ve never much been motivated by awards or money, so doing something of value to someone else is what’s important to me. Read more>>