We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Ryan Chambers | A.K.A 2and2 (stage name-i would prefer that over government name) Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Wine Connoisseur

More than anything, I want to be in a position to give others opportunities. Of course, I would love to take care of my family, that goes without being said but it is vital that I pass it on to the community. The ability to simply grant someone the means to support their vision/aspirations is something I want to do regularly. No accolades or none of that, I just want to do the groundwork. And eventually, bring something back to my home state/city. Growing up, I felt ashamed of my artistic interest and shied away from expressing myself more than I should have because of what others might think. That needs to stop. More kids need to see someone that looks like them encouraging their passions and giving them the space to do so. I want to provide that, inshallah. Read more>>

Shauna Green | Independent Insurance Agent: auto, home, commercial, malpractice

I’ve been a single-mom…twice. Needless to say, I know what it’s like to feel panicked that I might not be able to be Mom AND the household provider the way my children need me to be. The memory of these feelings of inadequacy motivate me to work toward my end goal of owning an insurance agency that is big enough to employ and train several single parents who need a way to start over while having enough flexibility to be both the parent and the professional. For now, Front Range Insurance Solutions is run by only me and my husband. As our agency continues to grow, I set a little time aside each week to create a training course so I will be ready to teach my new team-members when the not-so-far-off time comes for me to hire. I want to be ready to help people who are in the place I once was to feel supported and to have the tools they’ll need to become successful. This effort is a double win. As I serve my team by teaching, they will be better able to serve our clients and community. Read more>>

Kayla Maddox | Fly Fishing Outfitter & Mother

I honestly don’t know when I plan to end my career. I don’t really believe in “retirement.” I know I would be one of those people that declines into poorer physical and mental health if I don’t stay engaged and active. I hope to achieve a balance between managing our business, continuing to get out on the river, and some travel and volunteer work into my 70’s or beyond. Through building a solid employee base and treating those we work with well and giving back to our community, I’m working toward a model that will keep me active and engaged as long as I can physically do it. The man who trained my husband and I on the river is over 75 now and still leads whitewater guide training every year. It can be done!. Read more>>