We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Kristen McKenna | Traveler & Environmental Activist

I deeply yearn to merge my passions and establish a framework to travel and explore while educating the global youth regarding environmental sustainability amongst varied alternative learning atmospheres. Alas, I haven’t settled on how to successfully go about such an endeavor. However, lately I have been fantasizing of a newfound dream thought of by a dearly loved one. The concept of being a small business owner rang loud when I was first presented the idea. As I plan to one day live within Southern Maine, securing a plot of land with room for potential expansion has always been on my agenda – though I never thought of launching my own environmental education center. Fixating on after-school, weekend, and summer programs, I hope to attract an intimately sized group of young individuals. Each section of the property would cater toward different topics of environmental sustainability; Read more>>

Sara Garcia | Lifestyle Photographer & Videographer

For me the end goal of my career as a photographer and videographer is to make beautiful art that connects with people. The process of creating has always been what keeps me inspired. While the finish product of something I make is so rewarding, I think it’s the creation of it that drives me. In this line of work (family photography) I get to explore short stories of people’s lives and make art with those stories. In the end it’s connecting those two pieces together to make beautiful work. Read more>>

JOSHUA CIARDULLO | 1st Generation Rancher

We strive to steward the land and leave it better than we found it. Through responsible ranching we aim to strike a balance between the needs of a growing population and the environment. Read more>>