Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Timothy Jurgensen | Freelance Tie Dye Artist

My work life balance was not great until just recently. I used to work all day & night at my full time job and tie dye business. I was burnt out and struggling to keep mentally sane. I had a blessing in disguise happen in march and now I am pursuing my tie dye business full time. Read more>>

Anna Buchanan | Couples and individual therapist

Wow! What a question. Work life balance means different things to different people. For me, finding balance with work and personal life has been a journey that is constantly evolving as I enter different stages of my life. Read more>>

Ian Kersey | Content Creator & Entrepreneur

Throughout the last two years, my work-life balance has drastically changed. I am constantly thinking of new ideas. Juggling being a full-time content creator, college student, and getting work experience in my field, there are always new challenges that arise in my day to day. Read more>>

Chris Bossom | Nutrition Coach

Working from home for over 6 years has granted me so much freedom and balance I never thought was possible. Prior to stepping into a career as a Nutrition Coach I had a predictable Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm schedule that kept me in check. Read more>>

Lisa Foster | Physical Therapist & CranioSacral Therapist

As a business owner of my private practice Mapleton CranioSacral Therapy, the host of the Real Life Momz Podcast, and my role as a mother and wife, my work-life balance is a constant challenge. I am continuously reevaluating this daily. Read more>>

Shaun Chapman | Freelance Audio Engineer

When I started my business, I worked long hours. After it became clear that having strong mental health helped my business more that putting in a ton of hours, I scaled back. Now, I take weekends off when I can. Read more>>

Lindsey Daugherty | Attorney & Colorado State Representative

Ask any of my colleagues in the Colorado State House about our work/life balance, and the response will likely be nervous laughter. For most of us, this is an ongoing battle – especially during campaign season! Read more>>

Susan Rahmsdorff-Terry | Lampshade Maker and small business owner

Balance is more like juggling- in addition to running the business and completing most of the work myself, I’m also an active costume designer for several theatres in the Denver area and manage the bar at vintage theatre in Aurora. On top of all that, I have a two and a half year old kiddo who I spend as much time with as possible. Read more>>

Janae Newman | Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Work life balance is a continuous struggle for me. I say yes a lot – not out of obligation, but because I genuinely love work AND life. YES to designing that new logo, YES to a 10 mile hike, YES to that road trip. I used to think the only way for me to make it was to work non-stop hours. I still sometimes burn the midnight oil, but on my own terms. Over time I’ve re-learned the importance of play. Read more>>