We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Allison Gappa | Marketing Director

believe there is art and creativity in every career. While I was a sports broadcaster for FOX Sports, I expressed my creativity through storytelling and my craft became an art. As a marketer, I can find art and bring out immense creativity in every phase and facet of marketing, branding and media. Read more>>

Kelly DeVries | Podcast host, producer and editor

oth of us, Kelly DeVries and Jenna Swanson grew up with a love for art. In fact, we met at one of our first jobs as graphic designers at a firm in Chicago. We became roommates to save on money. Years later, after Kelly had long since moved to Colorado and both of us had kids, we reconnected on our love for true crime and dark humor. We decided to take on the challenge of creating a podcast together and ODFM was born. Read more>>

John Hohnhorst | Music Producer and Artist

I started off on my musical journey for a few different reasons. After attending my first electronic show, and having a profound out of body experience, I immediately dove into the musical world. While I was at my first show with what I now call my OG Rave Fam, I had a moment where I closed my eyes, opened them, and I was the only one at the concert. Read more>>

Phillip Hua-Pham | Brand Experience Manager, MAINSPRING | Partners Manager, Color of Fashion | Board Member, Slow Food Denver

Much of my creativity began with food at a young age. I’ve always enjoyed concocting dishes that are visually appealing yet are complex in preparation. I believe the construct of taking a subject and molding it into a story is what I value in the creative process. Taking people on a journey to experience the “story” created is what is so dynamic about being in a creative career. Read more>>

Julie Swift | Artist/Quilter

I didn’t start sewing and creating until I was 23 and I hadn’t set out to be an artist yet. When I was younger I did have dreams of becoming an actress or a singer but I ended up going to college for fashion and merchandising. Read more>>

Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith | Artist / Painter

Prior to delving into my painting life, I enjoyed dabbling in photography, crafts and other artistic endeavors. I believe that my painting path found me ~ my father’s health was declining about 10 years ago when I serendipitously signed up for a weekend intuitive painting workshop. Read more>>

Liz Lowe | Designer at Fawn Fabrications & Model

My interests have always been in fashion. Growing up, I made my own dresses, wore scarves in my hair almost daily, and often expressed myself through my style. In 2009, I began modeling. I didn’t know how to walk in heels, but I had the motivation to learn until it became natural. Read more>>