Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Brian Zuleger | Mental Performance Coach & Professor

I am from Freedom, Wisconsin originally. It is a small dairy farm town in Northeast Wisconsin near Green Bay. Growing up in a small town with farming as the main industry impacted my work ethic and character. My Dad was the oldest of 7 kids and grew up on a farm. Read more>>

Jenelle Prieto | Dog Trainer

I was born and raised in Colorado. Got into working with dogs when I was fairly young and I fell in love with it. Worked with rescues mostly and as I got older worked with a variety of different trainers and mentors. I am also disabled, so when I was about 20 years old I acquired and trained my very first service dog Mara who is the namesake of my business. Read more>>

Katalin Messing | Potter, Sculptor, & Illustrator

I grew up in Budapest , Hungary. Growing up in a big European city, I was surrounded by an abundance of art and architecture. I received traditional art training in painting at The Budapest Art Academy. I continued my studies in Haifa , Israel in graphic design and illustration. Read more>>