Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Styler Ells | Gym owner and personal trainer

I left a lucrative career in IT to start a gym. Many people thought I was taking an enormous risk that would never find success. In fact, 80% of all gyms fail in their first year. There isn’t a lot of profit in small independent gyms, but that didn’t stop me from opening Metamorphosis Fitness. Taking a risk has paid off tenfold. My profit isn’t still ideal, but after five years we have built a safe queer space that has allowed many people to explore their bodies and fitness in a nonjudgmental place. We are so proud of what we have created. I would jump off the cliff all over again. Read more>>

Katy Davidson | Personal Trainer

I’ve never thought of myself as a big risk-taker. Having generalized anxiety and clinical depression has often kept me from making decisions at all, let alone risky ones. There were obvious financial risks when starting my own business – from figuring out which continuing education course is going to bring the greatest value for my clients, to software and applications that might make it easier to do my job (as long as they work like I want them to). Read more>>

Clark Schiring | Photographer and Gallery Owner

Risk has dominated my venture (Wilderness Exclusives Fine Art Photography Gallery in Frisco, CO) literally from the minute I opened my doors–which was in March of 2020. The business plan didn’t go COMPLETELY out the window, since much of the planning and risk management still applied, but being in a travel/resort based location especially, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a double whammy of earth-shattering proportions. An event like that, completely unforseen, could have been a reason to hide under the bed and sob. Couple this with the fact that I’m a relatively new, unknown artist–and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t lost any sleep over the risks I’ve taken with this business. Read more>>

Brianna Amendola | Yoga Teacher & Exercise Physiologist

From my experience, nothing monumental has come out of staying in my comfort zone. Every step I’ve taken to get where I’m at now was somewhat of a blind leap of faith from a deep place of self-trust. I truly believe no one ever feels 100% ready, and what I’ve gathered from all the entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, and people I look up to is you just have to do the thing that scares you most to get to the next level of your life. Read more>>

Ayrton Stewart | Fly Fishing Guide & Air Traffic Controller

Anyone can take risks. Successful people do so understanding who they are as a person. The discovery of one’s true self approaches opportunity with realistic confidence void of fear. Fear is unavoidable and comfort is tempting. Discomfort shapes a soul to overcome fear. This is where we learn about our true selves. There’s a natural course our lives take when our passions align with our being. Then risks become adventures. Read more>>

Nataline Ruth Cruz | Shamanic Practioner/Spiritual Counselor/Maya Priest

I am a big believer in “all things are possible” — I am big on taking risks!! I feel strongly that life is all about following your bliss and not necessarily using a pro/con list to dictate your choices. It is all about how you feel and following your feelings, your discernment, and taking the risks to make all your dreams come true. My hope for people is to get them to jump all in on life. Living on Earth, in this physical realm is a risk and is all about learning. Taking a risk is allowing yourself to fully live. We are only here to learn. There are no right or wrong decisions, only experiences. I want to leave this life knowing I jumped at every experience life had to offer me. Read more>>

Tara Reiners | Intimate Photographer & Owner of AG Collective: Coworking. Studio. Events

As an intimate photographer, I am asking each and every human that steps into our studio or on-location experience to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is risk. When we show up vulnerable, we recognize that it’s a possibility (a risk) that we could get hurt. We could also experience empowerment, self-growth, and from that, step into our life in a way we have never dreamed possible. The best things in life are on the other side of risk- how would we ever know what’s waiting or could be if we are never willing to just jump and trust? Read more>>

Andy Spedick | Songwriter & Producer

The short answer? Gotta risk it for the biscuit. Thats a very privileged response and I fully concede that. Not everyone has the means or the ability to take huge risks and in more instances than not, it’s due to circumstances entirely outside of their control. Maybe they have a family to take care of, or are saddled with debt that makes risk taking irresponsible. But there is a reason so much wisdom has been distilled down to “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” Read more>>

Amanda Ryan, MCLC | Life Coach, Content Creator, Writer, Heath Advocate, Humanitarian

I’ve always been a risk-taker, and I love it that way. I believe in taking risks—in life, in business, in personal development—because I believe that without taking risks, we don’t get uncomfortable and we don’t grow. We don’t learn. We don’t uncover the things we need to change or the things we need to do differently. My most recent risk was regarding my health. Last year, I was suffering from diastolic heart failure; my doctors were unsure of what to do with me because they were still uncertain about some things. Read more>>

Rebecca Woolbright | Surface Pattern Designer & Owner of Rebecca Jane Woolbright

When my son started kindergarten he told me he was, “nervcited.” This meant he was both nervous and excited. I view risk the same way. Sometimes, I think of an idea to aim for and realize it is not worth it, but then there are other ideas I just can’t shake. They make me nervous. They make excited. They won’t let go. Usually, these are the risks I go for. Most of the growth in my personal life and business happened after taking a risk. Read more>>

Fabio Ruotolo | freelance comics book artist and illustrator

.My career as illustrator and comic book artist started because I took a risk. I’ll explain why. After high school I attended the university for 6 years and my destiny was to became an archaeologist. During my studies I drew illustrations for a magazine delivered for free at university. It was just a hobby that I was quite passionate about. One day the publisher of this amateur magazine told me about a course on comics book taught by a Pro and I decided to attended it. After about a year in this course the teacher who then became my mentor, offered me to help him make his projects. Read more>>