Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Madison Shoemaker | Interior Designer, Event Planner, & Experience Specialist

I grew up in a very uniquely creative family, where Halloween costumes were hand-sewn and we were allowed to re-design our bedrooms however we liked, as long as we did the work ourselves. I didn’t realize that this was unusual until later in my life, when I met friends who were taught that arts and crafts were reserved for play time, which I think may have attached a more frivolous attitude to them. For me, creative expression is the most important part of human existence. Design can be found in every single thing you touch, and is so often overlooked. Read more>>

Shannon Palmer (deadhand) | Artist, Designer, Creator

Good design and meaningful artwork can change the world. I had the great privilege of learning from some of the most passionate and talented designers and professors at CSU-Pueblo, and it is my responsibility now to turn that knowledge into something tangible and meaningful. I often reflect on the feelings evoked when I look at Frida Kahlo’s paintings, or designs from the Bauhaus. These pieces of artwork can inspire hope, encourage reflection on pain and perseverance, and invite viewers to look internally to their own experiences. Sharing and communicating through art is what makes life worth living. Read more>>

Jaylynn Bird | JayBird Photography

I pursued an artistic career because I have always been so creative. My mom was a photographer at one point in her life and allowed me to come to the sessions and help direct them. I feel like photography has been a part of my life forever. Ever since my nana purchase my first pink digital canon camera for me – I was pretty much sold! I love the wedding industry, and I love being a wedding photographer! Read more>>

Jacie Marguerite | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

My answer is simple, photography made me feel complete. I always wanted to be creative in life and I had my calling all through-out life to do something within the photography field. Getting to use my artist eye to help create timeless memories for people is a true blessing. Read more>>

Melanie Bindon | Teaching Artist

I’ve been making art as long as I can remember. From a young age, I’ve been interested in the ways visuals, textures, and the creative process can communicate in ways that are open to many interpretations full of individualized meaning generated from the same stimulus. Nurturing this passion has always seemed like a clear path forward for me as it is how I process the world around me, my experiences, and the experiences of others. Art is a great place to creatively problem solve, to bring light and wonder into a person’s day, to empathize and share our visions, opinions, and dreams. By centering creativity in my career, I can live in the realm of the fantastical, the intentional, and variety that creation brings every day. Read more>>