Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Michael Seib | Graphic artist/painter/musician/journalist/photographer

I found myself drawing and playing music at a very young age. With the support of my family (especially my talented oil-painting great-grandmother Opal), I expanded my repertoire from machines to organic material. I kept drawing and played guitar at church during high school in Oxnard. I next played jazz at UCSD and began producing hip hop and electronica. Read more>>

DJ Deuce | Music Producer, Audio Engineer, & DJ

I knew that whatever I pursued in a career, or life in general, it would have to make me happy every single day. I actually wanted to be a barber at first but quickly realized that it wasn’t the perfect fit for me. Music has always played a huge role in my life and has been my passion since a very young age. I was about 16 years old and began making beats using Garageband on my iPad in the cafeteria every day at lunch. It wasn’t until some friends started freestyling over my beats for the first time that I knew for certain that music production would be my career choice. Read more>>

Melissa Zoebisch | Artistic Director of Denver Ballet Theatre Academy & Demisoloist at Colorado Ballet

I think one pursues an artistic career because it is something you have to start a very young age, so it becomes an intricate and indivisible part of your life. It almost as if your life becomes that career, and for me it was a very natural transition from my forming years into a professional setting. Read more>>

Katy Frost | Wedding Photographer

People are what have driven my passions, desires, and pursuits in life. To capture the inherit beauty is truly such an honor and gives me so much joy. How blessed I feel to arrive to a strangers wedding and capture the most important day of their life and leave having made new friends, and maybe a few years down the road I will capture their maternity photos. Read more>>

Emily Ciszek | Graphic Designer, Underwater Photographer, and Amateur Videographer

I am an artist. I say this with spite. If I could choose another profession I would. I can’t help but create, it is my natural instinct and my destiny. I have creative solutions and ideas spewing out of me, no matter how hard I suppress it. It is who I am. For years I let the world, the success of others, and my own ego get in the way. I say the world because, you’ve heard it before, the starving artists. I say the success of others, because how much art does this world really need, isn’t there enough already? and I say my ego, because when you start out, you’re going to SUCK, and that’s hard… I have miraculously pushed through all the barriers. At a certain point, if you’re doing the work, your “thing” will slap you in the face. For me it was embracing my creativity, and letting it flow. Read more>>

A. Venomous | Performing Artist

It is within my DNA to be creative in my life expression. I have always been someone who finds joy and ease in the arts. The oldest memory of me being a creative, that I remember, was when I was in 2nd grade. I was at home, and saw on the kitchen table the weekly newspaper my parents would receive. I always ignored the newspaper, because what kid is interested in that shit? However, on this one day, I saw the Sunday comic strips on the back of the paper. I was fascinated with this, and enjoyed the idea that an adult can draw cartoons for a newspaper for their day job. Read more>>

Christopher Hartzell | Photographer and Journeyman Electrician

Actually… photography business is not my fulltime career. I do consider myself a professional photographer, although I’m a licensed journeyman electrician. I chose to start a photography business almost a year. After being laid off I decided to take time for myself and really master my camera. I’ve been taking photographs for nearly 16 years now. I decided to pursue my artistic side career as an outlet to showcase my photography. Read more>>