We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Jessica Thompson | Owner & Chief Marketing Officer

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg reframed the way I approach life and business. The book focuses on these basic principles of success that all revolve around vulnerability and generosity. Ultimately, the idea is that the more you give, the more you get. Even though that may feel counterintuitive in business (no one wants to give away things for free), it actually creates a lot of opportunities when you approach every day life with that mindset. I’ve tried to adopt that concept by giving freely, without the expectation of return, and I’ve found that, when it’s done right, the rewards are always there in the end. Read more>>

Sergio Gonzalez | Cook & entrepreneur

I read The Alchemist, which is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho when I was in my teens, that had a great impact on me because its a book that tells a story about a boy who travels the world seeking to find a treasure, a treasure that was right under his nose back home the hole time, but only by completing his journey with all the ups and downs he was able to discovered that. I related to that story immediately because I believe that life is this incredible journey that we all make to seek our very own treasure, which I believe is ultimately happiness, which of course it has its own form for everyone of us. In my case is the joy that I get when I get to share a delicious dish with as much people as I can. Read more>>

Calandra Bodilis | Business Owner/ Hairstylist

One of the most impactful books I read before I started my own business was the “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber. At just 16 years old I had a dream, goal or vision as one might call it, of opening and owning my own hair salon one day. So, I started my check list of tasks by graduating beauty school, obtaining my license and landing an apprenticeship in a high end salon. I was “great at doing hair” and “you should own your own salon” many people said to me….so that meant I should open my own business right?! Read more>>

Lexi Van Roekel | Elysium Open, Co-founder

I just finished, Everything is Figureoutable, by Marie Folio. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a business, get unstuck, or re-engineer their approach to life. Everything is Figureoutable is more than just a book, it’s a mantra and a mindset that carries me through doing things I’ve never done before. As a startup cofounder, there are many things that seem impossible. When I feel like giving up I remind myself that everything is figureoutable, tap into my creativity, and do the work to make it happen. Read more>>