We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Scot J. Wittman | Artist

What’s that Jack Handy joke? When I die, I hope there are many people standing all around me at my death bed, and that all of them are saying the same thing – “he owed me a lot of money.” That of course is the opposite of what I want, although it is a funny joke. What I want most by career’s end has not deviated much over the years although it becomes ever more focused and contoured by wisdom. Read more>>

Stuart Lane | Guitarist & Singer

By the end of my career I want to be known as a good musician. There’s a lot of reasons why people get into music, but i would say for myself it was to get to play guitar as much as possible. I don’t really care about fortune. I care about playing guitar and would like the end goal as a musician to be being known for being good at playing guitar. Even if no one ever knew about Stereo Ontario I would keep playing guitar because I like doing it. Read more>>

Maia Burke | Vintage Reseller & UX Designer

My end goal is to have my very own brick and mortar. I would want it to be a collective space in the community that brings creators + artists of all types together. A collective space that supports other local businesses who are passionate about sustainability + take action against unethical practices like fighting fast fashion + mass production. Maybe one day this will come to be, but for now I’ll dream bout it! Read more>>