We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Marina Foerster | Love Attraction Coach

“We are in control of our thoughts, and therefore of our results.” It is a popular saying in NLP – neuro linguistic programming – the modality I use in my coaching. I am of the belief that our thoughts change our physiology and our actions and therefore create specific results. If we can shift, transform, up level our thinking – we can shift, transform, level up our life. Read more>>

Paula Jane Newman | Founder of Aware Meditation Inc. (Non Profit) & Rise Up Comedy

“Life is 1% event and 99% my reaction”. I love this quote. It came out of my mouth during a podcast, and ever since I find that it has a deeper and deeper resonance, each time I see, hear, or say it. Life will happen. We are here having a Human Experience, which means we will experience grief, financial ups and downs, sickness, romantic challenges to name a few, but how I respond to those events in my psyche is up to me. My psyche shapes how I navigate life moving forward from that moment. The present changes the future, not the past. Read more>>

Mariah Kaminsky | Art Business Owner/Fine Artist/Painter

“Real artists don’t starve.” I repeat this to myself multiple times a day! It reminds me to always ask for what my work is worth. There has been this misguided notion for far too long that you are not a real artist if you are paid well for what you create. This had been very damaging to the business mindset of artists (in my opinion). It is very possible to do what you love and get your passionate message out there while making a decent living at the same time. Read more>>