The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Jamie Chihuan | Artist

The most important decision I’ve made to help me get where I am at is too never give up. If you want to be really good at something you must keep going even if you think you’re doing it wrong. In the end it’s just you and your art and after you die it’ll just be your art. So make sure that art aligns with what you believe in. I failed art class in high school and I never thought I’d be able to draw well but my persistence has taught me otherwise. Read more>>

Adam Dooley | Commercial & Lifestyle Photographer

The most important decision I made was on the genre of photography that I wanted to focus my business around. Like most photographers, I started out shooting everything that caught my eye, but mostly landscapes and the Milky Way. I eventually started to get asked by friends and family to shoot their engagements, weddings, senior photos, family photos and so on. This gave me the idea that I could actually make a living in photography, which was never even a thought I had previously. After a few years of shooting portraits and honing my craft behind the camera, I started working with more local brands, small businesses, and influential members of the community. I was hooked on the problem solving and collaboration aspect that the commercial and lifestyle photography world presented. Since I’ve focused my skills in this particular genre, I’ve really enjoyed the body of work I’ve been producing, and can’t wait to continue this into the future with my clients. Read more>>

Libby Foster | She/Her/Hers

For us, I think it was the decision to change the model of hospitality that we were given. Typically, places like ours approach hospitality with a heavy hands on philosophy. When we were talking through what our approach would be, we dug into how we like to travel. We love immersing ourselves into a place or culture, we want to be on our own, make our own schedule and not answer to anyone else. These things are what spearheaded our ‘behind the scenes’ idea. We can’t tell you how many times people have told us that this is what they love about staying with us- it’s too numerous to count! Being different can be hard, it can also be what sets you apart and one of the things that can define your success. Read more>>