Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Daniel Orth | Massage Therapist & Sacred Space Teacher

Prior to Massage School I had spent several months learning Shamanic Arts. During a Vision Journey (aka waking dream) in which I was instructed to come up with a “journey weapon” for an upcoming ceremony, I decided to go another route and instead created a Spiritual Tool. I devised this Tool imbued with the Power to Accomplish anything I could Imagine, which is Always and Only Altruistic. I used the Tool in the ceremony to create a Sacred Space in which all Beings and Energies in said space either are Altruistic, Willing to be and/or Transform to the Benefit of All. This Tool worked so Powerfully and Magically that I use it every time I do massage to assist individuals in moving to their most Beneficial Expressions. It also allows me to keep from putting up walls, thus feeling what is needed for the client without taking on their energies, since Sacred Space Transforms all energy to that of the Utmost Benefit. It helps us mutually and allows me to deepen my ability to Serve this World. Read more>>

Dr. Brit Harmon | Preconception Specialist & Physical Therapist

As I was working towards my doctorate in physical therapy, I was always interested in pregnancy and postpartum. All of the incredible things a women’s body went through were fascinating to me. It felt like real life magic. Though, when I graduated, I naturally fell into working in pediatrics, another love of mine. After a few years in my field working with children, some important women in my life starting having babies. It was the night of my bachelorette party when I overhead my sister-in-law and two close female friends of mine talking together. They didn’t know each other prior to this but were opening up about their experiences during pregnancy and early motherhood. I couldn’t walk away and hearing what I heard made me realize, this was where I belonged. Things like, “I didn’t realize everyone experienced that” and “I felt so alone”, were enough to make me want to up and change my entire career path. From there I started researching and taking continuing education courses. While I enjoyed learning about the postpartum period, I felt like there was more. Read more>>

Esai Miera | Cannabis Marketer & Customer Service Expert

My idea for “Budtender Academy” came from my problems and pain points, looking for advice or tips on being a successful budtender. There is very little out there on the subject due to budtending still being a new concept and job in general. Our mission here at Budtender Academy is to educate and elevate Budtenders at all levels to be the customer’s right-hand man or woman. Read more>>