Defining Success

Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary. Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Shannon Chalmers | Owner of Denver Yoga Social – 500hr RYT

Being happy – Honestly if you can find the balance between what you’re good at & what makes you happy it will show. It will show in your work, your energy, & people around you will be attracted to it and inspired. If I can do these 3 things I feel successful. Read more>>

Camila Camomila | Visual artist

Have time and energy to create. Being able to impact people in a positive way and inspire them. Read more>>

Elan Schwartz | CEO B4B TALENT AND ENTERTAINMENT and Regional Talent Buyer for a multitude of venues

I feel like success in itself is very subjective. I guess the biggest way I would describe success is not being afraid to follow your dreams no matter where it leads you and true success is showing up everyday with no excuses and rolling with what needs to be done despite if you love every aspect of everything that an industry, or a relationship or even being a parent has in store for you. Read more>>

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