We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Alexandria Reed | Realtor + Storyteller

Nothing brings me more joy than making an impact in someone’s life. A sizable one. What I find so beautiful about it is that it’s transcendent. My job is two-fold: I get to see past the doubt and fear and uncertainty of my clients and secure the home of their dreams, and I get to uplift and share the stories of powerful women, whether or not they realize their power on their own. Read more>>

Alice Guzman | Photographer, Filmmaker & Artist

I’m happiest when I’m doing what I love, with the people that I love. I’m always looking for new ways to create art and to share it with others. Whenever I have an opportunity to go on an adventure and be myself during a photoshoot or a film set, I’m truly the happiest. Read more>>

michelle latimer | Dance teacher/ choreographer/ Artistic Director

What makes me truly happy is helping my dancers to recognize their true potential, and that doesn’t necessarily mean their potential as it relates to dance. Often, to me, it means to fully embrace their ability to achieve whatever they want, and to know that they have true agency over their life and their choices. To know that they can have an impact and will have an impact if they can embrace their authenticity. Read more>>

Emily Martin | Animal Trainer

Living my life the way I want to live it and not letting it be dictated by anyone else. Many people thrive on the 9-5 work life of clock in, do your job, clock out, and go home and get paid every 2 weeks. It is safe and usually a secure path to take, but to me its boring. Read more>>

Kallyn Romero | Co-Founder

It’s always great to see the fruits of your labor! One of the many things that puts a smile on my face is seeing guests at Ironton enjoying a cocktail on our patio, on a sunny day surrounded by their friends (and dogs!), swapping stories of their favorite Colorado adventures. Read more>>

Casey Grothus | SketchUp Instructor & Computer Enthusiast

These days, I am enjoying a lot of different computer games but in the past, I loved going to lunch with Coworkers. I have not been able to see my coworkers in person for over a year now due to COVID-19 and I really miss them. We talk via email but that is not the same as a face to face interaction. Read more>>