Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Kelli Crosby | Entrepreneur, Author & Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist for 21 years, I was ready for a change in my career, my stress level and I desired a more flexible lifestyle, I started dreaming about what would be next for me. I have dreamed of having a ranch lifestyle for years, and in 2019 started a business plan to purchase land and start a wedding venue on the property where we would live and where I could create a new business. Many properties and 4 business plans later, that dream has not happened. Read more>>

Kerry Cooke | Spleash Founder & Inventor

Many years ago, after a tragic event in our lives, my daughter and I made a promise to each other. We pledged that one day we would do something good for this world, something that would offset all the negative experiences from our lives. For a while we weren’t quite sure what this ‘something good’ would be. That is until 2019 when we came up with the idea for Spleash! Read more>>

Margie Hamrick | Home Staging & Interior Stylist

I started out flipping homes in Vail, Colorado over 30 years ago. I would stage my homes/listings and get them photo ready so I could get them listed. As my homes sold I realized that my buyers wanted to also buy my furniture, decor and yes, my bedding. I also noticed that my homes sold faster than any of my competition. I was selling homes in good markets and also in the toughest of markets 2008 through 2010. One of my homes sold 2006 before it ever hit the market, a real estate agent knocked on my door and said she heard I was listing my home. She asked if she could bring her clients in to see my home. Read more>>

Sandi Gatewood | Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

I have a special needs dog named Payton who has IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). This requires him to eat small meals multiple times a day. Since I worked full time, I always needed to hire a pet sitter to feed my two dogs their lunch. Most of my pet sitters completely ignored my boys even though they were seeking attention. This made me sad for them. Read More>>

Shannon Katsos | Development Coordinator

In 2015, the founders of SEE asked themselves what would happen “if the trucks stopped rolling”. They watched the effects of climate change starting to be more apparent on the Colorado Front Range. This led them to ponder how fragile our supply chains really were, and to question the resilience of themselves and their community of Colorado Springs. It seemed that while some individuals had the skills to grow and preserve their own food, build and repair things, Read more>>

Trista Kutcher | Found and CEO

A few years ago I was at my local library and they have a room with sewing machines in it. I thought “that is so cool” and it remind me of my friend Craig Conover from Southern Charm. Craig sews pillows. And it reminds me my grammy is really good at sewing too. So I think of a great idea that I can learn to sew and start my own company. Read more>>